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Tom Bergeron

About the Industry Insights Blog

No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

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Sometimes a lawsuit isn't the answer

Once upon a time, when a corporation or small business had a legal dispute that could not be resolved through negotiation, it meant one thing: litigation. And while the courthouse remains an effective venue for resolving business disputes, the...

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PILOTS are a win-win for developers and N.J. municipalities alike

PILOTs (payments in lieu of taxes) have become a critical tool of local government to encourage the needed improvements in distressed, undervalued and aging downtowns.

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Can America's national pastime thrive in a digital age?

Major League Baseball is big business. The industry's revenues are projected to reach $10 billion this year, with 75 million fans expected to attend major league games this year. Team valuations are at record highs. Forbes estimates the average MLB...

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Transformative tax changes for N.J. economy and its retirees

The recent NJBIZ editorial on New Jersey’s reputation as “a lousy place to retire” highlighted our state’s 38th place ranking by Bankrate.com based on several factors, including cost of living and taxes.

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National Infrastructure Week showcases its importance to N.J., U.S.

The New Jersey Utilities Association is joining with hundreds of business, labor and advocacy organizations to recognize National Infrastructure Week from Monday through Friday. The purpose of this week is to highlight the state of the...

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Jersey technology: See it, live it, accelerate it, at Jersey Innovation Week

New Jersey is one of the world's leading global centers of transformative technology and innovation. But even within our high-tech industries, many don't realize the breadth and vigor of New Jersey's technology communities. And outside our...

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6 ways entrepreneurs can hurdle common legal pitfalls

Starting a business is one of the most significant decisions anyone can make – one with potentially great upside. Walking that path, however, carries significant risk, and the first step should never be taken without consideration of what will...

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Top 5 tips to help save on health care expenses

Over the last 10 years, out-of-pocket health care costs for Americans have more than doubled, with medical expenses now accounting for 8 percent of annual household spending, according to the Consumer Expenditure Figures.

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How to dive head first into your new leadership role

There’s no question that adjusting to a new environment can be difficult. However, landing a top role at a company can also bring new thinking and an innovative perspective to a business needing a reboot or being disrupted by a new technology.

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Faith? I lost mine last week. (The business decision that's making one man leave the Catholic Church)

I was speaking with a good friend about the Catholic Church. He's left it. I'm right behind him.

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