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Tom Bergeron

About the Industry Insights Blog

No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

Want to take your business global? You may be eligible for a STEP grant

NJ BAC awarded nearly $500K to help the state’s small and mid-sized businesses market internationally

Are you a business owner who has already realized the potential of a global market, or an entrepreneur seeking to increase sales and profit by taking your business world-wide?

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Biotech and life sciences: Alive and well in New Jersey

New Jersey’s preeminent life science trade organization, BioNJ, recently convened the Third Annual BioNJ CEO Summit. This event attracted more than 250 CEOs and life science senior executives. These life science leaders represented big pharma,...

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Reading must become fundamental again

This past summer, I had the opportunity to visit a summer program at Prospect Village in the City of Trenton. The participants were offered a summer respite of after-school programs and recreational activities. It was a wonderful opportunity for...

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Industry Insights: In praise of folly

Oh, for profit's sake, stop being so serious. You heard about the attorney with no sense of humor, didn't you? He lost his appeal.

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Tech squabble threatens innovation economy

Mobile devices have become a necessity for our kids in America — at least that’s what they’ll tell you. A recent CNN Special Report, with participation from 200 8th graders, found multiple cases in which the relationship teens had...

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What role does virtual health care play in caregiving for the boomer population?

In a world where we can buy our groceries, hire a babysitter and book a vacation entirely online, it only makes sense that health care would follow into the digital age. Virtual health care, as it’s called, allows doctors to monitor their...

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Our hospitals deserve a chance: Horizon leaves huge gaps in care

Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey's decision to exclude Lourdes Health System, St. Francis Medical Center and many other hospitals from its new OMNIA Health Alliance threatens access to affordable, high-quality and convenient health...

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Horizon's OMNIA Health Alliance will enhance care and lower costs

Inspira Health Network recently announced its participation in Horizon's new OMNIA Health Alliance. You may have heard about this new initiative, and I would like to share with you how it will benefit our neighbors and enhance health care here in...

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BioNJ urges prompt Senate action on the Innovation Act

In July of this year, the United States House of Representatives saw a rare occurrence: a bipartisan groundswell of support for legislation that will allow technological advances in research to speed treatments and cures to patients. The aptly named...

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Four tips for merchants making the chip switch

If you're a merchant, there are a few things you need to know about the liability shift associated with Europay, MasterCard and Visa, or EMV.

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