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Breaking Glass

Meg Fry

About the Breaking Glass Blog

Meg Fry blogs about women in business. She tells their stories and details their successes while providing news, tips and helpful hints for the next generation. Contact Meg at megf@njbiz.com.

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Addressing the gender gap when it comes to investing

What is the fastest growing segment of the wealthy class in the Garden State? The answer may surprise you: women.

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N.J.'s Michellene Davis attends groundbreaking national women's summit

The first United State of Women: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Summit was held Tuesday in Washington, D.C., showcasing the strides women have made, the challenges still ahead and how to address them.

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What young women in the workforce need to know, and other tips from a master marketer

“Hey. I would love to take you to lunch to chat about the types of stories you are looking for and how I could be a resource for you.
“Do you like sushi?”

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J&J forms partnerships to bolster girls' interest in STEM fields

It's one thing for corporations to encourage and support women in traditionally male-dominated careers; it's another for them to provide women with the education and tools needed to succeed in such fields.

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Assembly bill would halt EDA incentives for companies where women make less than men

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano is proposing a bill that seeks to prohibit the state's Economic Development Authority from offering financial incentives to businesses that don't pay women at the same rate as men.

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A Sip of Art: A woman-owned 'business with a philanthropic twist'

They are all the rage these days: upscale, BYOB paint studios in which women — and men, if they so choose — can get together with friends and family to relax, listen to music and engage in step-by-step painting classes meant to adorn...

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eSBe Designs' executive director explains why love matters when it comes to a fulfilling career

Since 2014, eSBe Designs has been empowering women to become stylists for the boutique jewelry brand designed by Sara Blaine via private showings, pop-up boutiques and social selling.

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The harsh data on women in the tech industry, and what can be done about it

An audience had gathered at the Wisdom Stage inside Hoboken's Propeller Festival earlier this month to hear Solomon Steplight, chief operations officer of Girls Who Code, speak on gender diversity in technology.

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Why some of her worst bosses were women, and other insights: Welcome to 'Women Crash Wednesdays'

“Women Crash Wednesdays”: Every Wednesday, I will host a Q&A with a prominent businesswoman in the state and tweet it out using the hashtag #njbizwcw.

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