NJBIZ - Manufacturing http://www.njbiz.com/section/manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing en-us Copyright 2016 NJBIZ Tue, 23 Aug 2016 17:32:03 EST Tue, 23 Aug 2016 17:32:03 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160823/NJBIZ01/160829951&source=RSS Donnelly continues to expand newspaper group's N.J. holdings A central New Jersey newspaper chain has been sold, it said Tuesday. Tue, 23 Aug 2016 12:02:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160823/NJBIZ01/160829951&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160819/NJBIZ01/160819788&source=RSS Princeton-based AMREP names new CFO AMREP Corporation, based in Princeton, has named a new chief financial officer, it said Thursday. Fri, 19 Aug 2016 10:47:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160819/NJBIZ01/160819788&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160818/NJBIZ01/160819814&source=RSS Ohio company unveils 400K sq.ft. South Jersey facility An Ohio fencing and railing company has opened its new manufacturing and distribution center in Galloway near Egg Harbor City, it said Thursday. Thu, 18 Aug 2016 11:35:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160818/NJBIZ01/160819814&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160816/NJBIZ01/160819856&source=RSS Metrofuser leases space in Elizabeth Bussel Realty Corp. announced Tuesday that Metrofuser LLC, a manufacturer of printer parts, has leased space in a 175,000-square-foot industrial property in Elizabeth. Tue, 16 Aug 2016 11:10:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160816/NJBIZ01/160819856&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160815/NJBIZ01/160819885&source=RSS Reports Honeywell in talks to buy JDA Software for 3B Honeywell International is looking to buy an Arizona-based supply chain software company for as much as 3 billion, according to multiple published reports. Mon, 15 Aug 2016 09:50:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160815/NJBIZ01/160819885&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160815/INDINSIGHTS/160819887&source=RSS Why distribution is right for New Jersey The recent announcement that Amazon will locate two new fulfillment centers here in New Jersey comes as little surprise to anyone developing or financing commercial real estate in the Garden State. The development of distribution and logistics centers is particularly robust, with as much as 9. 2 million of industrial square feet currently in. . . Mon, 15 Aug 2016 08:18:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160815/INDINSIGHTS/160819887&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160815/NJBIZ01/308159998&source=RSS Ready for takeoff But can Jet.com remain an anchor in the N.J. tech sector after being acquired by Walmart? By most accounts, the rise of Jet. com has been meteoric. The online marketplace officially launched in July 2015 and was selling close to 2 million in merchandise daily by the end of the year, while fulfilling orders for 3 million customers during those first six months. Fri, 12 Aug 2016 10:04:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160815/NJBIZ01/308159998&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160812/NJBIZ01/160819913&source=RSS JJ Snack Foods announces quarterly dividend JJ Snack Foods Corp. announced Thursday that its board of directors has declared a regular quarterly cash dividend. Fri, 12 Aug 2016 10:09:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160812/NJBIZ01/160819913&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160811/NJBIZ01/160819950&source=RSS Samsung Electronics buying luxury appliance firm Dacor Samsung Electronics America said Wednesday it has agreed to acquire a luxury home appliance company, continuing its investment and expanding its portfolio in the market. Thu, 11 Aug 2016 09:47:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160811/NJBIZ01/160819950&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160810/NJBIZ01/160819985&source=RSS Belvidere bottling plant closing 71 jobs in jeopardy A Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based container company is shuttering its bottling plant in Belvidere, potentially costing 71 employees their jobs, according to a notice filed with the state. Wed, 10 Aug 2016 09:59:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160810/NJBIZ01/160819985&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160810/NJBIZ01/160819986&source=RSS Mount Laurel printer company shifting some jobs to Texas Computer printer company OKI Data Americas is transferring some workers from its Mount Laurel headquarters to Texas, it told NJBIZ, which could result in nearly 40 jobs leaving the state. Wed, 10 Aug 2016 09:50:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160810/NJBIZ01/160819986&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160809/NJBIZ01/160809784&source=RSS Supply chain services company makes acquisition Cherry Hill-based supply chain services company NFI has acquired a Connecticut-based third-party logistics firm, it announced Monday. Tue, 09 Aug 2016 10:33:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160809/NJBIZ01/160809784&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160808/NJBIZ01/308089991&source=RSS Electronic efforts Tofel feels FootprintID is telemedicine tool needed to fill gaps of electronic health portals Beth Tofel knows firsthand how frazzled mothers and working women can get. Sometimes the mere hassle of going to the doctor keeps them from seeking the care they need before taking care of others, she said. Fri, 05 Aug 2016 12:21:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160808/NJBIZ01/308089991&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160808/NJBIZ01/308089997&source=RSS Moving quickly ... for more than 200 years Somerville-based Dancker believes keeping current is key in office industry Dancker Sellew Douglas has been supplying office furniture for nearly 200 years, but CEO and President Steven Lang says he's more impressed by his company's ability to change quickly rather than survive for the long haul. Fri, 05 Aug 2016 11:15:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160808/NJBIZ01/308089997&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160803/NJBIZ01/160809927&source=RSS BG Foods declares dividend for this quarter BG Foods Inc. announced Tuesday it has declared a regular quarterly dividend. Wed, 03 Aug 2016 10:13:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160803/NJBIZ01/160809927&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160803/NJBIZ01/160809929&source=RSS Innophos announces quarterly dividend Innophos Holdings Inc. announced Wednesday that its board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend. Wed, 03 Aug 2016 10:04:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160803/NJBIZ01/160809929&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160801/NJBIZ01/160809981&source=RSS Sock maker moves to Pennsauken A sock manufacturer whose former Camden location was sold to make way for the new Subaru of America headquarters has found a new home in Pennsauken, according to Colliers International. Mon, 01 Aug 2016 11:52:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160801/NJBIZ01/160809981&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160729/NJBIZ01/160729760&source=RSS Honeywell declares quarterly dividend Honeywell announced Friday that its board of directors has declared a regular quarterly dividend. Fri, 29 Jul 2016 12:11:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160729/NJBIZ01/160729760&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160728/NJBIZ01/160729798&source=RSS NJMEP says it has impacted N.J.'s manufacturing industry by 3.1B The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program Inc. announced that it has impacted New Jersey manufacturers by approximately 3. 1 billion through the various programs and services it offers. Thu, 28 Jul 2016 11:53:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160728/NJBIZ01/160729798&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160728/NJBIZ01/160729799&source=RSS Freshpet names CEO Freshpet Inc. announced Wednesday that its board of directors has named a veteran consumer packaged goods executive as the company&#8217s new CEO. Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:08:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160728/NJBIZ01/160729799&source=RSS