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Corporate Headquarters

220 Davidson Avenue, Suite 302
Somerset, NJ 08873
Email: info@njbiz.com
Phone: (732) 246-7677
Fax: (732) 846-0421


Contact an Editor

For letters to the editor, press releases, column submissions and story tips.
Email: editorial@njbiz.com
Phone: (732) 246-7677

Advertising Account Executive

Phone: (732) 246-5729
Fax: (732) 249-8952

Subscription Services

For questions or problems with your print subscription or online account.
Email: service@njbiz.com
Phone: 866-288-7699
Fax: 570-955-3630

ListCentral - Technical Issues

For questions about our electronic database and business lists.
Email: lists@journalmultimedia.com
Phone: 717-236-4300

General Advertising Services

Phone: (732) 246-5729
Fax: (732) 249-8952

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