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How much is $100 really worth in New Jersey?

How much is $100 really worth in New Jersey?

By Eric Strauss

A hundred bucks doesn’t buy you much in New Jersey, according to a recent study by the Tax Foundation. Full Story »»

Latest North Jersey News

Affordable housing fee remains in limbo as latest suspension bill sits on Christie's desk

Developers have long said uncertainty over New Jersey's affordable housing policy has stalled the progress of new projects across the state. Read More »»

Meadowlands Hospital names new CEO; denies report Considine will go to TruPlan

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center has named a new chief executive officer to replace Thomas Considine, it announced. Read More »»

Singer holding off on previously announced amendment of bill to regulate MEWAs

Sen. Robert W. Singer (R-Lakewood) announced Monday he's holding off on his planned afternoon introduction of an amended version of his bill, S2220,... Read More »»

Developer plans $85M apartment community for Harrison

HornRock Properties will build an $85 million apartment community in the commuter-oriented redevelopment area in Harrison, the Paramus-based real... Read More »»

premium content Next stop, Journal Square: Area poised for resurgence

The days when Journal Square was Jersey City's commercial hub have long since passed, giving way to three decades of development near the Hudson... Read More »»

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Nary a woman in sight: The engineering dilemma

Ever notice how some professions are a lot like the cast of 12 Angry Men? Nary...

Industry Insights

Pallone, colleagues should lead effort to revamp tech laws

To call the Internet a marvel of modern technology would be a woeful...

SFW: Suitable for Work

How much is $100 really worth in New Jersey?

A hundred bucks doesn’t buy you much in New Jersey, according to a recent...

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Monday, December 8, 2014

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