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About the Millennial Minded Blog

Six of our editorial staffers are millennials, born between 1980 and 1995. Here they'll share their personal stories and perspectives while discussing today's issues facing young employees and the changing workforce. Contact millennial blogger Meg Fry at megf@njbiz.com.

Guess what's got the tech generation feeling guilty

My cell phone skips around my cubicle's desk as it does its usual text-receiving vibration dance.

Has the tattoo taboo changed in the workplace? You decide

While out to dinner with a friend, I was shocked to learn she disapproved of my getting a tattoo on my forearm, where everyone could see it.

The real benefits of unlimited paid time off

Unlimited paid time off: the ultimate pipedream.

Why getting hired by your business could be good for a millennial

The screen fades in on a black-and-white scene. A group of men sit around a board room table in a smoke-filled room; one of them is rhythmically slamming keys on a typewriter.

Where you go to college doesn’t matter

The month of April can either make college applicants sob or rejoice.

Millennials: The ‘I’ generation?

How to avoid that dreaded letter at the start of every sentence

The story goes like this: It was my junior year at Rutgers. I was sitting in a creative writing class during one of its sessions in which students were encouraged to bring in their works to be read for the class. We had gone around the room a...

Insert foot directly in mouth: Professionalism and social media

I’ve said it before: Boomers have a lot they can learn from millennials. Sure, it’s a two-way street, but research shows millennials are eager for face-to-face mentorship in the workplace and, anecdotally, some of my fellow millennials...

Attitudes and actions of millennial employees across the globe

One typical afternoon, an American employee between the ages of 18-30 clicked a couple boxes, answering a set of questions he or she found amid 9-5 yawns and aimless Internet wandering. That response was then amalgamated into the whole, and maybe it...

TL;DR (May I have your attention, please?)

It’s clearly a symptom of our information culture: We’re so entirely surrounded by stimuli and other information that multitasking has shifted from being a skill to a means of survival.

Investing in yourself and in others: How to be a ‘Yes, and heighten’ type of person

I wasn’t always a journalist. Before NJBIZ, I was a bartender; a production coordinator; a tutor; a personal assistant; an accounting clerk; a screenwriting consultant; a grill cook; the list meanders on and on. The one thing that’s...

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