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Six of our editorial staffers are millennials, born between 1980 and 1995. Here they'll share their personal stories and perspectives while discussing today's issues facing young employees and the changing workforce. Contact millennial blogger Meg Fry at megf@njbiz.com.

Set rules can smooth the path for telecommuters — and their bosses

More than 4 percent of New Jersey employees telecommute — with that number only rising with the millennial generation.

Renting has its pitfalls, but think of the alternative

Despite New Jersey’s rank as the fifth-most-expensive state for renters, builders over the last six months have received 12,798 permits, with 70 percent of those being for multifamily homes, the accounting firm CohnReznick said in a report...

Taco Bell reigns 'supreme' among traditional fast food chains in millennial patronage

In a swift turn of events, Taco Bell has been leading the pack among traditional fast food chains in patronage while the rest are seeing a sharp decline (but then again, are we really surprised?). Despite having been a punchline for many years, the...

Like me, some millennials have perfectly good reasons for leaving their jobs

There’s a laboratory somewhere where a white-coated Baby Boomer is dripping sweat into a petri dish, experimenting with an opaque substance that’s labeled “Millennial Employee Retention.”

Sanders is locking in millennials one AMA, tweet at a time

Let's begin our discussion with a movie reference all millennials love: Citizen Kane (millennials do, however, love textbook irony). There's a famous scene of a political rally in which the titular character speaking as a political candidate says of...

New Jersey company makes Best Places to Work for Millennials list

Wilkin & Guttenplan, an accounting and consulting firm in East Brunswick, was the sole New Jersey company to be named to The Center for Generational Kinetics’ 1st annual list of the 75 Best Places to Work For Millennials.

Taco Bell goes au natural

Late last month, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese announced it would remove its iconic artificial coloring which makes the frugal, instant meal — perfect for college kids and babysitters alike — resemble the color of Tang, failing to understand...

Why our side hustles aren't our jobs

For years, I’ve had the desire to get the word “hustle” tattooed on my foot. Some people would laugh at that, or tell me to think better of it. But I never saw it that way.

Oversharing has its advantages in the workplace, too

“I believe in saying it all and taking it all back and saying it again for good measure.” – Tony Hoagland, “Personal”

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