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Letter to the editor: A second response to 'elder care to get a lot more expensive'

Dear Editor: We have been following the recent Letters to the Editor regarding the article “Elder care to get a lot more expensive” that appeared in the Oct. 16 NJBIZ “Morning Roundup” and the subsequent responses back by Don...

Quality workforce is essential for STEM economy

College affordability is a very real and very complex problem that deserves serious attention. There is no disputing that tuition rates have increased at an unsustainable rate over the last two decades and that student debt has risen as well.

The author responds

Don Winant is correctly points out that I am an attorney. My piece is reflective of my advocacy on behalf of clients who have been engaged in the home care industry for decades and are faced with the onerous and expensive requirements brought on by...

Letter to the editor: Response to 'Elder care to get a lot more expensive article'

Dear Editor: We were intrigued to read the article "Elder care about to get a lot more expensive" that appeared in the Tuesday, October 16, 2017 “NJBIZ Morning Roundup” because it pertains directly to the industry we serve. That interest...

The use of confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions in employment agreements

Now, more than ever, corporations are coming under fire as a result of adverse publicity surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes of Fox News, and Roy Price, the Amazon Studio Chief who recently was forced to resign due to sexual...

Elder care about to get a lot more expensive

Non-medical home care service agencies operating in New Jersey have been governed by statute and regulation since 2004.

Why haven't you protected your greatest asset?

I heard it on the radio as breaking news – Britney Spears decided to write a will to put her $200 million estate into trusts for her children. The DJ followed up with “what a great idea!” As an estate planning attorney, my head...

What to consider when buying, selling a business

As a corporate lawyer, I handle many M&A transactions with small and middle market closely-held and family-owned businesses.

Zwicker, Johnson bill would protect N.J. freelancers

Over 600,000 New Jersey freelancers generate receipts of $30 billion annually to the state's economy.

How to turn foreclosures into homeownership

Credit Senator Raymond Lesniak for being way out in front of the residential foreclosure crisis in New Jersey.

Time for Congress to come together on joint employer

New Jersey’s beaches, casinos, national parks and world-famous agricultural products have long attracted local residents and U.S. and international tourists alike. Together they spend $50 billion on food and drink, at hotels and lodges, and in...

Blockchain: Changing the world, starting in New Jersey

By now, you've probably heard that “blockchain will change the world.” Notwithstanding massive recent hype, it almost certainly will. And its impact will be even larger right here in New Jersey, because we're at the heart of many of the...

Food, beverage study helps grow N.J. industry

Mazars USA, a leading accounting and consulting firm in Edison, released its 2017 Food and Beverage Industry Study this week in order to help build and share knowledge critical to the growth of the industry within the state.

A case for Camden and a call to Amazon

On a cold and dreary Saturday in January, as a wintry mix pounded the pavement on Federal Street in Camden. I raced from my car into the Camden Technology Center where 200 entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals were eagerly awaiting a six hour...

Premium financing for the real estate mogul

Money is an esoteric object. Most people are content holding it, clinging to dollars as if they will inevitably be lost like a toddler outside of its playpen. Some more daring individuals cautiously let those dollars wander just down the block...

Facilitating Trenton's revitalization through collaboration

In 2013 a group of engaged Trenton area stakeholders came together with one common goal: to help promote the economic revitalization of our State's capital city. Serving as the energetic core of that organizing group was the late, highly-respected...

What tax reform may mean for New Jersey business

D.C. may be a political universe away, but actions there can have a real impact on your bottom line

As Labor Day recedes into our collective memory, and the warm glow of summer fades away, the collective New Jersey business community is faced with the following reality.

The importance of business incentive programs in a changing economy

In an ever-changing economy, business incentive programs are an important tool for any state trying to compete for jobs in a global marketplace. As businesses continue to look for ways to remain competitive and increase their bottom lines, deciding...

An ounce of prevention: Ask and answer the tough questions before closing the deal

After a four-day trial among warring business associates, the judge began his lengthy opinion with the following lament.

Direct access to physical therapists helps patients with care, costs

One of the most important elements of the conversation about health care has been how to provide better access to health care at the lowest possible cost.

The ideal state for business? It's New Jersey

It's no secret that businesses have been leaving New Jersey. And others are weighing their options, with an eye toward lower taxes, loser regulations, and perhaps even warmer weather.

It's the taxes, silly: How high taxes in New Jersey hurt the middle-class and small businesses the most

We still have five months to go in 2017 and New Jersey has already topped several lists this year we all wish it hadn't. With long-term liabilities mushrooming to 360 percent of total assets, New Jersey was ranked the state with the worst fiscal...

A primer on deal structure and its implications on the sale of your business

Transacting the sale of your business can be an extremely profitable endeavor. The success of the sale, however, often hinges on the chosen form and exit strategy.

New Jersey not beholden to Big Ethanol

The members of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey are adding our voice to the growing outcry of consumer, taxpayer, environmental and worker-advocacy organizations that are against the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act (S.517).

We are stronger together

After watching in horror the catastrophic events that took place in Charlottesville this weekend, I believe it is imperative to state with conviction that hate has no home in Camden County.

Congress shouldn't take an ax to energy efficiency investments

Coming to New Jersey in 2018: wasted electricity, higher energy bills and more pollution? Let's hope not. Yet a plan pending in Congress might bring just that, by cutting investments in energy efficiency.

Meadowlands YMCA proof that Super Bowl will benefit region for decades

The NYC Metro Region may have hosted Super Bowl XLVIII three years ago, but the new Meadowlands Area YMCA is proof that its legacy will benefit the region for generations to come.

Social media management skills bolster your resume — and enhance your career

We live our lives — and do business — through social media. Over 2 billion social media users worldwide spend an average of two and a half hours per day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. And they're doing more than sharing...

Energy investing in New Jersey is a worthy consideration

Changes are afoot in the New Jersey energy sector, possibly meaning new investment opportunities.

Healthcare transparency should be main goal for nation

As our nation seeks solutions to help improve the healthcare system, there is at least one goal we can all agree on: the importance of making healthcare quality and cost information more accessible to all New Jersey residents.

Telehealth can help save time and money

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed 53 bills into law on July 21. Included in the batch was legislation that establishes a framework for the responsible use of telehealth for New Jersey residents.

Reinventing our suburbs, our state and our future

Here in New Jersey, it's time to anticipate new social and development patterns, reimagine our suburbs, and prepare for a new generation of prosperity.

To help grow N.J.'s economy, let's grow the N.J.-Israel partnership

As New Jersey prepares for a new governor in January 2018, the time is right for the state once again to tend to its global business appeal to create to new jobs and economic activity. Few places offer the possibilities that can be found in Israel.

Changes in ACA would be a disaster for Camden County residents

Earlier this year I wanted to gauge the enormity of what the Affordable Care Act had done for our residents here in Camden County by speaking directly with our Board of Social Services.

Environmentally smart landscaping in urban areas is good policy and good business

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation and, according to the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, more crowded than either Japan or India. Given the high-rise apartments rapidly being built New Jersey's urban area, we are only...

An overview of pet trusts in New Jersey

Many people utilize the services of an estate planner when providing for the orderly distribution of their assets to their loved ones.

Lessons from Haiti for tech entrepreneurs — and opportunities, too

Recently, it was my privilege to speak at the Haiti Tech Summit, where 500+ leaders from throughout the western hemisphere shared a remarkable conversation about technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and ecosystems. The summit attracted...

As Washington stalls on health care, Jersey businesses brace for increases

The cost of purchasing health coverage is a top concern for business of all sizes. The smaller the company, the bigger the worry.

The stakes couldn't be higher: It's time to let education innovation, opportunity thrive

Imagine a bi-partisan commission focused on one of America's most pressing national issues. Imagine a consensus opinion on what needs to be done to save generations of American youth-at-risk.

The stakes couldn't be higher: It's time to let education innovation, opportunity thrive

Imagine a bi-partisan commission focused on one of America's most pressing national issues. Imagine a consensus opinion on what needs to be done to save generations of American youth-at-risk.

There's life after a layoff when you're over 50. Here's how I did it

I'm a “public relations director” at PwC, but that says very little about what I actually do. Or the background I bring to the table.

The 101 on surprise medical bills

You may have heard that a small percentage of New Jersey physicians do not participate in some insurance networks. You may have even been billed by one. I hope to clarify why you get billed.

Sometimes a lawsuit isn't the answer

Once upon a time, when a corporation or small business had a legal dispute that could not be resolved through negotiation, it meant one thing: litigation. And while the courthouse remains an effective venue for resolving business disputes, the...

PILOTS are a win-win for developers and N.J. municipalities alike

PILOTs (payments in lieu of taxes) have become a critical tool of local government to encourage the needed improvements in distressed, undervalued and aging downtowns.

Can America's national pastime thrive in a digital age?

Major League Baseball is big business. The industry's revenues are projected to reach $10 billion this year, with 75 million fans expected to attend major league games this year. Team valuations are at record highs. Forbes estimates the average MLB...

Transformative tax changes for N.J. economy and its retirees

The recent NJBIZ editorial on New Jersey’s reputation as “a lousy place to retire” highlighted our state’s 38th place ranking by Bankrate.com based on several factors, including cost of living and taxes.

National Infrastructure Week showcases its importance to N.J., U.S.

The New Jersey Utilities Association is joining with hundreds of business, labor and advocacy organizations to recognize National Infrastructure Week from Monday through Friday. The purpose of this week is to highlight the state of the...

Jersey technology: See it, live it, accelerate it, at Jersey Innovation Week

New Jersey is one of the world's leading global centers of transformative technology and innovation. But even within our high-tech industries, many don't realize the breadth and vigor of New Jersey's technology communities. And outside our...

6 ways entrepreneurs can hurdle common legal pitfalls

Starting a business is one of the most significant decisions anyone can make – one with potentially great upside. Walking that path, however, carries significant risk, and the first step should never be taken without consideration of what will...

Top 5 tips to help save on health care expenses

Over the last 10 years, out-of-pocket health care costs for Americans have more than doubled, with medical expenses now accounting for 8 percent of annual household spending, according to the Consumer Expenditure Figures.

How to dive head first into your new leadership role

There’s no question that adjusting to a new environment can be difficult. However, landing a top role at a company can also bring new thinking and an innovative perspective to a business needing a reboot or being disrupted by a new technology.

Faith? I lost mine last week. (The business decision that's making one man leave the Catholic Church)

I was speaking with a good friend about the Catholic Church. He's left it. I'm right behind him.

Directed research presents opportunity for higher ed and industry

Near the close of World War II, Vannevar Bush, a science adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, presented a vision for government-funded basic research to be conducted at American universities, with the products of that work to be developed for...

5 finance concepts millennial entrepreneurs need to know

Knowing your numbers can help jumpstart your startup

Small and medium size businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and this is something that we can all relate to in New Jersey.

April Fools' Day reminds us to bring humor to the office

The bad news: April Fools' Day lands on a Saturday. For those in an office setting, you'll need to wait until Monday morning to prank your officemates. The good news: Data show that having a good sense of humor can be beneficial.

Nonprofits can revive endangered industries

Nonprofits are recognized for their impact on people's everyday lives, but many people fail to realize the positive impact they can have on business, as well. According to the National Council of Nonprofits, in 2012, the nonprofit sector contributed...

Workplace Eye Wellness Month: How to improve vision on the job

Businesses looking to reduce health care costs might consider eliminating ancillary benefits such as vision, dental or disability insurance. But there are compelling reasons why employers should continue to offer or add these benefits, either paid...

How to pick a financial adviser

The smartest and most successful folks are the ones who know what they don’t know. For those of you who are open minded and want to stay up-to-date on your financial situation, this chapter may be a guide to your guide. Financial advisors are...

N.J. lawmakers close to banning puppy mills

Most pet-lovers would be horrified at the thought of keeping their beloved family dog in a dirty, wire cage that is only six inches longer than their body for a minute, let alone for years. Yet that's the fate of breeding dogs in thousands of puppy...

Pet store owners: Why Trenton bill will hurt business

For decades, responsible pet retailers and breeders have provided cats and dogs to pet lovers across New Jersey. Now, our livelihoods are at risk thanks to an ideological attack from Trenton.

Rest up! Daylight saving time could haunt you come Monday

While the general consensus is that to “spring ahead” is a good thing — the nice weather is coming and we get an extra hour of daylight each day — there is an asterisk if you work in an office setting.

Collateral damage: Immigrant ban imperils New Jersey health care

President Trump’s Executive Order, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” has sparked deep and growing concern about the unintended impact the directive will have on healthcare in New Jersey, as...

ProStart feeds N.J. restaurant industry's diminishing workforce

Nearly a decade after it began, ProStart is precisely what it sounds like: a career and technical education program focusing on engraining culinary arts and restaurant management fundamentals in high school students.

An open letter: Don't cut the H-1B visa program — expand it

Many news outlets are reporting that one of the new presidential administration's upcoming executive orders will be a significant overhaul of work visas, including the H-1B program, which is the primary means for technology firms to employ skilled...

Hospital Alliance hopes for greater charity care funding this year

While Washington fiercely debates the future of health care in America, we are fortunate in New Jersey to have leaders in both parties who stand up to support our most important health care organizations — our safety net hospitals.

DK Entrepreneur Academy aims to fast-track profitable growth for business in N.J.

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders Jack Killion and Matt Douglas have created the DK Entrepreneur Academy to help accelerate profitable growth for businesses in New Jersey.

Escape rooms becoming popular outlet for workplace bonding

Escape rooms — an immersive, physical adventure in which players are locked in a themed room and must use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit — are popular venues for friends and family...

The battle over the survival of the estate tax

It could be the fight of the century. One hundred years after its enactment, the battle over the survival of the federal estate tax is about to begin. The Republican Congressional leadership has made estate tax repeal a priority. The Democrats are...

When the FBI shows up at your door

The scenario is unfathomable to an operating business, whether large or small: two federal agents show up at an employee's house, at night or in the early morning, asking about individuals or specific incidents in the company.

Medicare 'vouchers' would threaten benefits for New Jerseyans

Proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system would take health care in precisely the wrong direction — pushing up costs for current and future retirees, and eroding protections that Americans have earned through many years of hard work and...

N.J. affirming fair housing laws strengthens economic competitiveness

One of the keys to strengthening the competitiveness of our state is by making New Jersey more affordable for everyone who currently resides and has a desire to live here. Access and inclusion are the cornerstones to prosperity and healthy...

The Super Bowl: Office friend or foe?

The Super Bowl being played this Sunday certainly creates a tremendous amount of buzz — both at home and in the office. However, in the workplace, is all of that buzz welcomed?

In Response to 'Editorial: Quit complaining, South Jersey. It's getting old'

To the unnamed author of the editorial “Quit complaining, South Jersey. It’s getting old”, published Sunday.

Legislation to fast track green buildings doesn't go far enough

All too often, sound environmental goals conflict with development goals and the results can be problematic for economic development, particularly here in New Jersey where red tape can wrap even the best developer into knots. Fortunately, a bill...

January is called 'Divorce Month': Resolutions, fresh starts and had enoughs

Over the last decade or so, January has come to be known as “Divorce Month” due to the jump in divorce filings during the month, more so than any other month of the year. This phenomena is proven objectively, by the number of filings and...

4 ways that tech accelerators can increase diversity and inclusiveness

Technology accelerators provide entrepreneurs with access to seed capital, business relationships, guidance and office space. Over the last 18 months, three accelerators have opened in Newark with great fanfare. The investors and corporations that...

Changes in the tax code will benefit hard-working Americans

Rumors of the death of world markets in the event of a Donald Trump election apparently were greatly exaggerated. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has stormed higher. Global equities have been right behind. American CEOs and CNN reports, “are...

Start your year with giving back plan: You'll be better for it

It's the start of the year and contrary to common thought I believe that it is the best time to talk about implementing a corporate strategy for giving back. And my thinking is strongly impacted by studies done years ago but about to capture the...

Advancing your organization's mission

Insights from New Jersey Nonprofit Executives

In this thought-provoking panel discussion on Nov. 10, sponsored by NJBIZ and PNC Institutional Management®, some of the state's most experienced nonprofit leaders talked about how to evaluate an organization's success relative to its mission and...

The fate of the medical device tax: Moving from suspension to full repeal

Congress typically levies excise taxes to discourage harmful behaviors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and gambling. While those may make strategic sense, it's puzzling when there is a decision to tax a positive behavior — that is,...

Trucking makes New Jersey holidays possible

Dining room tables set for a family feast. Storefront displays brimming with gifts to exchange with loved ones. Communities and friends joining together for holiday traditions. Bright lights on downtown trees and wreaths on doors.

CEO of NJMEP on President-elect Trump's actions regarding Carrier

While I have voted in every election since I turned 18, I have never chosen to be beholden to a particular political party, as I was taught by my parents to “elect people and not parties.” I get it, I am in the minority, but this...

Al Koeppe: A role model we could all emulate

Like all who knew Al Koeppe and knew of him, I was deeply saddened to learn of his sudden passing. I was also touched by the op-ed piece that Tom Bergeron wrote in NJBIZ the following day.

Keeping legal woes off the office holiday party invite list

It’s that time of year again, when companies host their annual holiday office parties. Some do it on site; some off site. Some serve alcohol, and others do not. Regardless of the specifics of the party, it’s imperative that companies...

Does a Trump administration equal status quo for drug pricing? Think again

Like many Americans, I was surprised by the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Many fully expected a Hillary Clinton victory. With that expectation was the belief that drug pricing would remain a key focus of the political debate.

Would Carrier have received the same deal it did if it were headquartered in N.J.? Top incentives attorney Ted Zangari breaks it down

Ted Zangari, an attorney with Sills Cummis & Gross in Newark, is one of the state's top experts in the use of government grants and awards to companies. In fact, he helped craft many of the programs.

Connecting the dots: It's a lot like networking

At Newark Regional Business Partnership, networking is central to our efforts to return value on investment to our members.

How to cure employee post-election stress syndrome

The election is over, and so is the most divisive political campaign in modern history, leaving many employees suffering from "post-election stress syndrome" that can have a profound effect on morale, performance and productivity. A sense of...

Synergistic marketing: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

If Aristotle was a marketing professional, his maxim would reign supreme today: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” However, when it comes to marketing, both large and small organizations have a tendency to think in silos.

The special role of the special fiscal agent

Let's say you are, or think you will soon be, litigating a claim against the officers and directors of your closely held corporation for mismanagement or fraud. Or you are a minority member or shareholder of an LLC or Corporation whose reasonable...

The truth about loan covenants

When it comes to commercial lending, loan covenants don't have to be scary. Yet many owners of mid-sized businesses have come to fear how their banks might react to adverse conditions.