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Tom Bergeron

About the Industry Insights Blog

No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

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New Jersey: A hot bed of food litigation

Did you hear the one about the lady who is suing Starbucks because there was too much ice in her iced coffee? Unfortunately, this is not the set-up line for a great joke, but the subject of a pending lawsuit.

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How to arm the younger generations with resources, knowledge for financial success

In a few weeks, nearly two million graduating college students across the country will be clutching their degrees and entering the workforce. But in New Jersey an estimated 68 percent will start out with the looming hardship of paying off student...

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A guide to New Jersey startups

New Jersey; the armpit of The United States, the home of The Jersey Shore and the state that doesn't pump our own gas!

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New Jersey needs to leverage its tourism assets to drive economic growth

A recent ‘Our Point of View’ piece urged legislators to not “let the tourism industry get washed away,” but pointed to creating a defensive strategy that emphasized other entrepreneurship to protect the state from a downturn...

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What can we learn about growth from fast-growing tech startups?

The surest way to failure is to build great technology that no one wants. Need some proof? Friendster. Blackberry. Google Glass. The common theme is a company building a tech product that can be super-great … but doesn't fill a market need.

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Speaker Prieto: The governor fiddles as Atlantic City fails (guest column)

Nero fiddling while Rome burned makes for a good story, even if it's not historically accurate. Unfortunately, here in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie fiddling while Atlantic City fails makes for an awful story, and it is historically accurate.

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Diversity and inclusion in financial services

The financial services industry is at a tipping point.

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How the NJBAC convinced Patella Woodworking to come home

High-end manufacturer returns to New Jersey, bringing more than 70 new jobs to Passaic County

When the 2009 recession hit, many businesses were left searching for resources. For Patella Woodworking, a premium architectural woodworking company based in Jersey City, that meant completely shutting down their production center in Canada. Then,...

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The big role small businesses play in local communities

Growing up, my parents owned a deli in Newark, where my two brothers and I would spend our summers sweeping the floors, stocking the shelves and serving customers. It was there that I gained a valuable perspective and appreciation for the role small...

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Changes in N.J. law against discrimination would put the burden of proof on employers

In February, the Obama administration announced additional efforts aimed at promoting equal pay opportunities and greater diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce. The momentum of this latest push has carried through from the White House to...

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