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Industry Insights

Tom Bergeron

About the Industry Insights Blog

No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

Response to 'Editorial: A Reminder that we need liquor license reform'

It is (as it should be) always concerning when a well-informed person reads a one sided story about some perceived flaw in our State’s regulated alcohol industry. The most common false perceptions attempt to manipulate public perception of how...

N.J. apartment owners can now stabilize their rents, tenants will benefit as license fees on apartment units declared void

On Aug. 6, in the highly anticipated case of Timber Glen Phase III, LLC v. Township of Hamilton, Docket No. A-1775-13T1, the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division, ruled that New Jersey municipalities do not have the power to adopt annual...

Questionable economy requires stable policy

In a questionable economy, it should be the duty of legislators to encourage as much investment and job growth as they can. The federal tax code is sometimes criticized as byzantine, but it contains some helpful provisions that end up being...

Family business succession planning

A key issue that is often overlooked for closely-held family businesses is succession planning. If the family does not intend to continue the business upon the death or disability of the owner, planning can be limited to considerations typical of...

The latest response to the credit union-banks controversy

Executives within the financial services sector are good with numbers. In his July 27 opinion piece titled, “Credit unions waste taxpayer millions on lobbying, self-indulgence,” Peter Michelotti uses select numbers to try to paint a...

Credit unions do pay taxes and service members' needs

I am writing in response to the Community Bankers Association of New Jersey July 27 opinion piece challenging the credit union tax exemption titled, “Credit unions waste taxpayer millions on lobbying, self indulgence.”

Credit unions waste taxpayer millions on lobbying, self indulgence

Credit unions often attempt to justify their federal tax exemption, which costs Americans more than $3 billion annually, by saying those dollars get passed on to their members. However, the Center for Public Integrity notes that since 2008 credit...

Industry Insights: Community bank marketing — New audiences, new opportunities, new rules

To quote Bob Dylan, “the times they-are-a changing” for community banks. The traditional community bank customer is either aging out of the market or moving south for retirement. The result? More and more banks are pursuing smaller...

Response to The Star-Ledger: Biotechnology investments deliver ROI

In response to The Star-Ledger's article entitled "Time to freeze NJ's tax incentives," on July 5, we simply must note the steady...

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