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No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

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Republicans' tax reform package hurts NY, NJ

Watch carefully, New York and New Jersey – the tax proposals put forth by both the House and the Senate might have a significant impact on your tax returns.

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Reforms, innovation needed to improve quality in healthcare (Industry Insights)

Healthcare in the United States is complicated, inefficient and expensive. Many individuals and families can no longer afford to see a doctor, fill a prescription or get the most basic medical care without having to sacrifice other essential items...

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How to protect your family business from a divorce

Family owned businesses make up an extremely large percentage of the going concerns in New Jersey. Indeed, some studies suggest that almost 90 percent of the businesses in the US are family owned, and make up half of our Gross National Product.

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Surety Bond to Be Required from NJ Real Estate Appraisal Management Companies

Real estate appraisal management companies in New Jersey are required to obtain a surety bond in order to remain licensed. This requirement was introduced after Assembly Bill 1973 was passed in early May.

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Newark embraces a common goal: Amazon

Newark is now officially in the running to become the home of Amazon's next headquarters, joining cities across the country hoping to count the tech giant as the new anchor of their economies. Being born, bred and publicly educated in Newark, I've...

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Letter to the editor: A second response to 'elder care to get a lot more expensive'

Dear Editor: We have been following the recent Letters to the Editor regarding the article “Elder care to get a lot more expensive” that appeared in the Oct. 16 NJBIZ “Morning Roundup” and the subsequent responses back by Don...

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Quality workforce is essential for STEM economy

College affordability is a very real and very complex problem that deserves serious attention. There is no disputing that tuition rates have increased at an unsustainable rate over the last two decades and that student debt has risen as well.

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The author responds

Don Winant is correctly points out that I am an attorney. My piece is reflective of my advocacy on behalf of clients who have been engaged in the home care industry for decades and are faced with the onerous and expensive requirements brought on by...

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Letter to the editor: Response to 'Elder care to get a lot more expensive article'

Dear Editor: We were intrigued to read the article "Elder care about to get a lot more expensive" that appeared in the Tuesday, October 16, 2017 “NJBIZ Morning Roundup” because it pertains directly to the industry we serve. That interest...

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The use of confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions in employment agreements

Now, more than ever, corporations are coming under fire as a result of adverse publicity surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes of Fox News, and Roy Price, the Amazon Studio Chief who recently was forced to resign due to sexual...

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