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Industry Insights

Tom Bergeron

About the Industry Insights Blog

No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

Historic agreement reached at climate change conference

With 2016 upon us, we have a new year and new opportunities to tackle one of the world's biggest threats: climate change. Last month, government and business leaders from across the globe came together at COP21 in Paris to support an ambitious...

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Pallone, Booker and colleagues can help mobile users in Jersey

New Jersey’s nearly 9 million wireless subscribers will soon exemplify the future wonders of wireless broadband, from remote education and health, to Internet-based entertainment and gaming, to the burgeoning “Internet of Things.”...

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Equity-based compensation: Balancing finances and talent

Many C suite executives at early-stage companies with limited financial resources face the difficult decision of how to adequately compensate their top employees.

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Effective communication to employees about benefits is more important than ever

Communication is critical to our every day lives and is especially important at the workplace. Without clear and effective communication; projects get delayed or fail, valuable resources get wasted and companies, sometimes even good companies, can...

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The causes of high AR balances and how technology can help

Few things slow cash flow like a high accounts receivable balance. It consumes working capital that could pay down lines of credit, streamline operations or support growth initiatives.

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A window of opportunity for enhanced computer science education

There is a window of opportunity to provide New Jersey students with increased access and incentives to learn computer science, and with it, a path to tech careers once thought out of reach for many. But to seize this opportunity, Gov. Chris...

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Your year end review of legal issues

In addition to paying attention to your year-end tax and financial planning, business owners should also take this time of year to review their legal documents and the types of legal issues that should be looked over at least annually.

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The holidays: Joy or grief for the employer?

The holidays are coming upon us. Although they are generally festive, they also carry with them a host of legal issues and problems for the employer.

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Want to take your business global? You may be eligible for a STEP grant

NJ BAC awarded nearly $500K to help the state’s small and mid-sized businesses market internationally

Are you a business owner who has already realized the potential of a global market, or an entrepreneur seeking to increase sales and profit by taking your business world-wide?

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Biotech and life sciences: Alive and well in New Jersey

New Jersey’s preeminent life science trade organization, BioNJ, recently convened the Third Annual BioNJ CEO Summit. This event attracted more than 250 CEOs and life science senior executives. These life science leaders represented big pharma,...

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