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Industry Insights

Tom Bergeron

About the Industry Insights Blog

No one knows their business like the people who live it every day. Here is a collection of insights from across all the industries we cover.

What role does virtual health care play in caregiving for the boomer population?

In a world where we can buy our groceries, hire a babysitter and book a vacation entirely online, it only makes sense that health care would follow into the digital age. Virtual health care, as it’s called, allows doctors to monitor their...

Our hospitals deserve a chance: Horizon leaves huge gaps in care

Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey's decision to exclude Lourdes Health System, St. Francis Medical Center and many other hospitals from its new OMNIA Health Alliance threatens access to affordable, high-quality and convenient health...

Horizon's OMNIA Health Alliance will enhance care and lower costs

Inspira Health Network recently announced its participation in Horizon's new OMNIA Health Alliance. You may have heard about this new initiative, and I would like to share with you how it will benefit our neighbors and enhance health care here in...

BioNJ urges prompt Senate action on the Innovation Act

In July of this year, the United States House of Representatives saw a rare occurrence: a bipartisan groundswell of support for legislation that will allow technological advances in research to speed treatments and cures to patients. The aptly named...

Four tips for merchants making the chip switch

If you're a merchant, there are a few things you need to know about the liability shift associated with Europay, MasterCard and Visa, or EMV.

Aggressive state tax enforcement tactics 'seize' opportunity to catch non-filers

States have become increasingly aggressive in enforcing their tax codes as they seek to increase revenue and close budget shortfalls. As competition across sectors increases, it is more crucial than ever to consider the importance of multistate...

Industry Insights: 6 mindsets that sabotage PR success

The establishment of the Publicity Bureau in 1900 is considered to be the birth of the public relations profession. Since then, the role of PR has changed dramatically with the introduction of new mediums and technology. While companies have always...

Response to 'Editorial: A Reminder that we need liquor license reform'

It is (as it should be) always concerning when a well-informed person reads a one sided story about some perceived flaw in our State’s regulated alcohol industry. The most common false perceptions attempt to manipulate public perception of how...

N.J. apartment owners can now stabilize their rents, tenants will benefit as license fees on apartment units declared void

On Aug. 6, in the highly anticipated case of Timber Glen Phase III, LLC v. Township of Hamilton, Docket No. A-1775-13T1, the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division, ruled that New Jersey municipalities do not have the power to adopt annual...

NJBIZ Poll Question of the Week

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