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Grapevine: A casino in Jersey City? Makes sense, but not soon

Would Jersey City be the logical place for a North Jersey casino? Absolutely, said a source who deals regularly with the city. But, they warned, don't expect this to happen any time soon. Read More »»

On budget, Democrats should think ahead

The budget stalemate in Trenton got a push and a shove last week, but it still lacks any certain direction. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Budget stalemate already a foregone conclusion — for now

In the last few weeks, legislative Democrats have spent a lot of their time and energy on crafting an alternative budget remedy to Gov. Chris Christie's plan to cut next year's scheduled $2.25 billion pension payment down to $681 million. Read More »»

Grapevine: Budget showdown in town

The state's budget, facing a projected $1.7 billion revenue shortfall, is a mess. On this, everyone agrees. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Roche 'winner' in for issues

Offers from developers interested in the sprawling Roche campus in Nutley and Clifton are due by the end of this week — and insiders expect interest to be strong. Read More »»

Grapevine: Good for the views, but bad for business?

Will LG Electronics USA end up getting the controversial, potentially scenic view-killing 143-foot-high headquarters along the Hudson River in Englewood Cliffs that it so desires? Read More »»

‘Ban-the-box’ could come as early as this week

Back in December, the Assembly Labor Committee voted to release the Opportunity to Compete Act, also known as “ban-the-box,” which seeks to limit employers from conducting criminal background checks on job applicants until after a conditional employment offer has been made. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: 'Feel-good initiatives' on the way?

May is always a budget month in Trenton, and this year in particular, it's not shaping up to be a very good one. Between the pension problem and the credit downgrades, there's not a lot of good news in the Garden State. Read More »»

Grapevine: 'Fireworks' over Camden? We're told it's coming soon

For months now, word has been circulating that a major project is on its way to Camden. Read More »»

Grapevine: Jersey City making push to extend ferry service

The weekend ferry service from Jersey City to Lower Manhattan was supposed to be a temporary six-week project. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Bridgegate a no-show at Walk to Washington

“Who wants to talk about Bridgegate anymore?” That was the seemingly defeatist sentiment expressed by one attendee at last week's Walk to Washington event put on by the state Chamber of Commerce. Read More »»

American Dream construction is one step closer to reality

Full-fledged construction at the American Dream Meadowlands site will start any day now, with cranes in the air, large crews on site and heavy equipment roaming the grounds. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Will paid sick leave end up at the ballot box?

Two Democratic lawmakers and a supportive coalition launched their campaign for statewide mandatory paid sick leave last week. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Anticipated revenue shortfall not as daunting as it sounds?

The big news out of Trenton last week after the first round of hearings on Gov. Chris Christie's $34.4 billion budget was that the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services projected a $526 million revenue shortfall through the end of fiscal year 2015. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Lesniak's bill a 'start'

State Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) saw the first part of his Economic Opportunity Act of 2014 come up on the Senate floor last week. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Fulop, Christie reconnect over Pulaski Skyway closing

The dust-up between Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and the Christie administration didn't last long. In fact, the two sides have been cordial and productive together since Fulop publicly called out the governor for canceling meetings in what appeared to be political payback. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Agreement for American Dream

Concerns over traffic have threatened to derail the American Dream Meadowlands project for nearly two years, but that crisis appeared to finally come to an end last week. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Christie's next big chance

After being snubbed in 2013, Gov. Chris Christie was invited to speak last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference held just outside of Washington, D.C. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Pension debate reform not over

In a press conference held the day before Gov. Chris Christie unveiled his budget for the 2015 fiscal year, state Democrats indicated that without a full payment into the state workers' pension fund, they'd rather shut down the government than pass a budget. Read More »»

GRAPEVINE: Don't expect budget leaks

Gov. Chris Christie is set to deliver his budget address this week, but with more scrutiny on his office than ever before, don't be surprised if little is leaked beforehand. Read More »»

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