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Grapevine Archive Page 2

Grapevine: An unexpected choice to kick off presidential bid

Maybe six months ago, but no sooner than that, the primary question debated among gossipers was whether Gov. Chris Christie would run for president.

Grapevine: A 'true millionaire's' tax

The business community is preparing for yet another battle over a proposed millionaire's tax.

Grapevine: Out-of-network out of sight

After a splashy introduction only weeks ago, the bill seeking to rein in surprise medical bills and out-of-network costs hit a wall last week amid concerns from some state lawmakers.

Grapevine: No Hard Rock invite for Sweeney

Last week's big Hard Rock casino proposal unveiling event featured a who's who of northern New Jersey politicians as powerful Trenton voices, ranging from Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Secaucus) to state Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), all...

Grapevine: Too much, too little or just right for Atlantic City casino market?

Proponents of expanding casino gaming to North Jersey got a shot in the arm last week as Gov. Chris Christie threw his support behind sending the question to the ballot “right away.”

Grapevine: Casino talk heats up

The general public may have forgotten about the push for a casino (or casinos) in North Jersey, but casino operators haven't.

Grapevine: Pharma firms seeking space

A recent blockbuster deal between GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis could mean a move or two in New Jersey's commercial real estate market.

Grapevine: Moratorium proposal has 'immediate chilling effect'

It took less than a day for a prominent New Jersey business group to warn of the “negative impact” that could come from state Sen. Raymond Lesniak's proposal for a moratorium on the state's economic incentive programs if the Chris...

Grapevine: A new turn for sick leave laws

According to a source, statewide paid sick leave legislation may be popping back up sometime in May or June, but it may look a little different than the bill advanced by the Assembly Budget Committee last December.

Grapevine: The never-ending story of Revel

It's a rare thing for Atlantic City to go a week without a little Revel drama — last week focused on the battle between Glenn Straub, the proud new owner of the defunct casino, and the power company that turned off the lights at the property...

Grapevine: Bridgegate indictments soon?

Predicting when the U.S. Attorney's Office will start handing down indictments has become somewhat of a hobby in the Garden State.

Grapevine: A hashtag for Bob

It's safe to say last week wasn't U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez's finest moment.

Grapevine: Familiar name in Showboat saga

For all of the bizarre news to come out of Atlantic City last week, for once, none of it involved Glenn Straub and his peculiar quest to buy the former Revel casino.

Grapevine: Lesniak battles accusations of wrongdoing; how the 1993 race for governor cost the state a chance for sports gambling

It’s no secret that state Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-Union) is aggressively seeking financial supporters for a potential run for governor.

Grapevine: Perceptions, Part I — The payment problem

There's the court of law — and the court of public opinion.

Grapevine: Stay tuned on Revel sale

We learned last week that, at long last, Atlantic City's failed Revel casino is on the verge of being sold to Florida developer Glenn Straub.

Grapevine: Lesniak gets into 'SNL' spirit

If you were like the rest of us watching “Saturday Night Live's” 40th anniversary special last week, then you, too, were ultimately left unfulfilled at the night's end, still yearning for just a little more cowbell.

Grapevine: TTF talk on the train?

Is there a better forum to make a deal than the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's annual Walk to Washington trip?