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About the Diversified Blog

Regardless of industry, cultural, racial and identity issues affect the business community. If you have news or an interesting story to tell that is related to this area, please contact Managing Editor John Parkinson at jparkinson@njbiz.com.

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N.J. is key market as Fathom Events tests spending power of Indian-Americans

New Jersey is an important market for the inaugural Best of Bollywood film series by Fathom Events this summer.

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Indian officials explain why country's pharma firms are expanding U.S. presence

What seems like contradictory politics for the life sciences industry, which is focused on global growth, is actually encouraging Indian interest.

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Survey: N.J. workplaces score high on diversity … but issues still remain

The New Jersey workplace is one of the most diverse in the country. And it's also one of the best when it comes to responding appropriately to workplace discrimination and harassment.

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Morristown businesswoman finds Ivanka Trump 'incredibly engaged' during meeting with Hispanic Chamber group

Katherine O'Hara was surprised to find out she had been invited to meet with Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter and a businesswoman herself, last month.

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'Stand up and be counted': Joel Sherman finds he can speak his mind and still run his business

At the end of a rather surprisingly apolitical discussion, Joel Sherman stood up and asked the million-dollar question of the executives serving on the New Jersey Performing Arts Center's Business Roundtable on the role of race in the workplace this...

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Where are rents rising faster than Manhattan: Would you believe Oak Tree Road in Iselin?

When Saurabh Gadgil chose Oak Tree Road in Iselin to open the first East Coast location of his India-based business this month, it wasn't just because of the commercial district's reputation of being a South Asian hub.

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Black and Latino Tech Initiative, created to help diversity-led early-stage companies gain access to capital and coaching, to launch this week

The Black and Latino Tech Initiative, a collaborative program with the goal to aid early-stage companies with black and Latino co-founders with viable business models, will launch this week in Newark, organizers said.

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