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Breaking Glass - Archive Page 2

Breaking Glass

Breaking barriers: Finding success in male-dominated fields

Women in construction, women in tech, women in STEM, the lone woman on a ship that sales across the Atlantic … Here’s a look at women who are breaking barriers. Read More »»

Forty Under 40

Fourteen women were honored on the NJBIZ Forty Under 40 list. We’d like to call them up-and-comers, but many have already arrived. Read More »»

The biggest women in business stories of 2013

It's that time of year again — for whittling the past year down to its biggest, best or worst moments, people and events. That, along with the hilarious women of "Saturday Night Live" special that was on TV a few nights night ago, got me thinking: Let's take a look back at the biggest women in business stories of 2013. Read More »»

Liberty Science Center luncheon honors 8 N.J. women excelling in STEM

It's amazing how many scientific breakthroughs or big discoveries happen when women are part of the process. Read More »»

Best way to combat working mom guilt? Positive thoughts and valuable advice from other working moms

About two weeks ago, I wrote a post about the guilt that has come along with being a working mom. First, thank you to everyone who wrote in with their advice and words of encouragement. You really know how to make a mom feel like she's not a walking disaster. Read More »»

Stevens' counsel became a trailblazer by wearing pants. That's right: pants

Kathy Schulz is a bit of a trailblazer. At Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, she is the university's first-ever general counsel. But it started even before that: Kathy was one of the first women ever to wear pants in the Manhattan law office where she worked in the early 1990s. Read More »»

Girls high school basketball coach fired after chest-grabbing photo pops up on Facebook

I've got good news today, ladies. Turns out double standards are alive and well in Idaho. Read More »»

Confessions of guilt from a working mom

So this time around, that working mom is me. I prefer to write about other women for this blog since I'm always so inspired by them, but I'm writing a little bit about my own life today because I'm fishing for a little working mom advice — not only for myself but also to pass along to everyone else out there who could use a little help in the daily juggle. Read More »»

Meet Jackie: A writer who makes work-life balance and personal happiness top priority

Our intern, Karlee, gave Jackie Goldman-Schatell's questionnaire a first read when it came in. Her first response? "This lady sounds awesome." Read More »»

Yet another beauty queen blows my mind

For the winner of a beauty pageant — and someone who is beautiful by most, if not all, standards — Kirsten Haglund is pretty down on beauty. She won the Miss America crown in 2008, but in a great Q&A on, Kirsten encourages women to “banish the beauty ideal.” Read More »»

A single, working mother — by choice

Kay LiCausi, a powerhouse lobbyist who works out of Hoboken, couldn't wait to be a mom. She couldn't wait for the excitement or the love — or even the man. Read More »»

Meet Monica: An educator who uses horses to help people with disabilities

At long last, it is Friday, and I wanted to celebrate by highlighting another amazing woman whose business happens to be education. Monica Heinze has two masters degrees and is getting ready to pursue a doctorate in education at Centenary College. She also helps the handicapped learn to ride horses and once dreamed of becoming the first female president. Look out, Hillary. Read More »»

Porn stars are women in business, too

Journalism is a strange profession. A few weeks ago, I was interviewing two entrepreneurs inside a barn while goats chomped at my notebook. And about a week after that, I was standing, pen primed and ready, in front of a New Jersey born and bred porn star. Read More »»

Last night was a good night for women in business in N.J.

In the span of four hours last night, I drove from Somerset to Basking Ridge to Iselin and then back home. Why you ask? Because duty — and by duty I mean the opportunity to meet inspiring, awesome women in business — called. Read More »»

Meet Crystal: An aspiring academic whose career started with a "leap of faith" when the recession hit close to home

Crystal Marull's husband lost his job at an architectural firm during the Great Recession. That didn't stop her from taking what she calls "a complete leap of faith" and enrolling in a Ph.D. program at Rutgers, relying on her paltry stipend and her husband's unpredictable income to support their family of four. And look at those happy faces? No one seems to be suffering in that adorable family photo. Read More »»

NJCU prez: Next generation of women in business is well aware their options are virtually limitless

I can never keep straight what generation we are on — Y? Z? AA? Well, whatever you call the group of young women currently in college, the working world they will enter in a few short years (hopefully) is markedly different from the one Sue Henderson faced as a young woman. For this group, the choices are limitless, and, Sue says, they know it. Read More »»

Meet Ammy: A scientist who says young women in business can learn a lot from politicians and lobbyists

Ammy Santiago is a scientist studying why postmenopausal women are at a greater risk of developing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.She's also gaga over Disney movies and has some interesting thoughts on how young women in business can look to politicians and lobbyists for help navigating the workplace. Read More »»

Meet Megan: An almost model working toward her Ph.D. in biology at NJIT

With just two days left before the big Executive Women of New Jersey scholarship dinner, honoring non-traditional female grad students in New Jersey, I'd like to introduce you to another honoree. Her name is Megan Litwhiler, and she could have been a model. Instead, she's chosen to pursue a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Read More »»

Meet Hannah: A Kenyan-born polyglot and future OBGYN in NJ

This is Hannah Janoowalla, a future OBGYN from Kenya who will be awarded a scholarship next week through Executive Women of New Jersey. She's also the first woman to take part in our new Breaking Glass Q&A, which I'm hoping will give readers a quick glimpse at the amazing women involved in all kinds of businesses throughout New Jersey. Hannah is most certainly one of them. Read More »»

NJ business woman scores the best seat in the house at the news Emmys

Lisa Pavia scored what has got to be, for a small business owner like herself, the best spot in the house at the 34th annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards last night at Lincoln Center — inside the gift bags. Read More »»

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