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Former news anchor Janine Strafaci says internships were a key to her early success

In you've lived in New Jersey any time within the past 17 years, and if you own a TV, there's a good chance you're already familiar with Janine Strafaci.

10 books for businesswomen by businesswomen

'Tis the season for Secret Santa's and stocking stuffers!

Mary Alice Williams on the true meaning behind being a 'Jersey girl'

As a journalist with a professional background in film and television writing about women in business, I was thrilled with Mary Alice Williams' keynote speech Thursday evening at the 2014 “Rising to New Heights” event in honor of the Top...

How to succeed in business — when you're short

I’m not sure exactly how this works out, but a 2004 study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that for every inch of height, regardless of gender, a tall employee could expect to earn an extra $789 per year.

Q&A: Caldwell's Nancy Blattner explains how not to impress a woman during a presentation

Nancy Blattner has been president of Caldwell University since 2009. Under her leadership, the traditional undergraduate enrollment of Caldwell has grown nearly 30 percent while the resident population on campus has climbed more than 40 percent.

#GivingTuesday: Learn about virtual charity drive company YouGiveGoods and how its founder balances work and life

In celebration of #GivingTuesday — a global day dedicated to giving back — I reached out to Lisa Tomasi, president and founder of YouGiveGoods.

Having it all means dealing with depression, too

Sure, we all have hard days at work — but depression is different.

Campbell Soup's Denise Morrison offers tips on how women can rise to the C-suite

Denise Morrison — president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company headquartered in Camden — has long been touted as one of the most influential women in the state.

Honoring these Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs

Leading Women Entrepreneurs will host its annual “Rising to New Heights” event from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Dec. 4 at Fiddlers Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, in recognition of this year's Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Five tips for successful women from a health care valuation specialist

Autumn — the busiest time of the year. In between parent-teacher conferences, a trifecta of expensive holidays and the burden of prepping for winter, it’s also one of the most popular seasons for annual physicals.

Q&A with Karin Price Mueller, founder of NJMoneyHelp.com: N.J.'s newest personal finance column

A familiar voice has emerged in the entrepreneurial world — Karin Price Mueller, the writer responsible for The Star-Ledger's “Bamboozled” consumer affairs column, has launched a new endeavor:

To my fellow women: Our vote matters in the midterm election, and this is why:

Props to Glamour for publishing a blog by Caitlin Moscatello on Monday on the importance of Tuesday’s midterm election outcome for women.

This is not about GamerGate: Online harassment by the numbers

This is not about That Which Will Not Be Named, the current and official Voldemort of the technology (and more specifically gaming) world. Simply evoking the word draws ire from all sides of the issue. The lines are too blurry and the arguments too...

Q&A: Kirusa CFO Baldeep Dua, a rare entrepreneurial woman in tech

Q&A with Kirusa Inc. CFO Baldeep Dua, a rare to find entrepreneurial woman in tech

10 leadership principles — and more — from a Wall Street ace

The Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship at Montclair State University invited some high-profile (and highly entertaining) women to speak during a conference last Wednesday in celebration of Women Entrepreneurship Week.

GamerGate only worsens the underrepresentation of women in the tech world

I've spent a lot of time trying to wrap my head around GamerGate, the current culture “war” (there has to be a better word, pop culture) surrounding video games. The details that lit the powder keg of the current climate are detailed in...

Companies' offer to freeze women's eggs deserves more than a knee-jerk reaction

“Would you like to freeze your eggs?” I’d hope anyone asking me that question would simply be wondering if I might like a fresh omelet in the morning. But not in this day and age.

Women dominated winners' list of the 2014 NJBIZ CFO of the Year Awards

Women dominated the winners' list of this year's NJBIZ CFO of the Year awards program, which was held on Friday to celebrate New Jersey's financial executives who have had a direct effect on the economic growth and stability of their companies and...

Productivity, perfection and figuring out which helpful hints work for you

I'm a big fan of the “pie chart” theory, of breaking down one's day into 24-hour segments to figure out how much time is left after getting ready, commuting, working, errands, chores and sleeping.

Makeup line's founder always puts her best face forward

Regardless of the ever-present media battle between companies stressing inner beauty and brands pushing miracle products, it is a fact that every woman, every day, is faced with the decision on how she will choose to present her beauty and what that...

From a need to save, a coupon-clipping Internet media empire grew

When her husband lost his job six years ago, Cindy Livesey hunkered down and put her household on a budget.

What businesses need to know about New Jersey's new domestic violence leave law

From allegations in the NFL to California's legislation to address assault on college campuses, the news media have recently been giving strong coverage to the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Hollaback! puts technology to use for women

Jill Dimond started working on the Hollaback! app, which allows women to log and map incidents of street harassment by submitting their stories when they occur, while doing her Ph.D. work that looked at violence against women and its relationship to...

Pregnancy remains a complicated issue for businesses and employees

When writing the article on Christine Ballard — a member of this year's NJBIZ Forty Under 40 list — I wanted to portray her as a successful businesswoman devoted to the towns she provides clean water and safe infrastructure for as group...

Bringing females to the front of engineering

Of the 565 municipalities in New Jersey, only 19 have appointed municipal engineers who are females — Christine Ballard being one of them.

Bridging the gender gap through the little things in life

In her address to the U.N., Emma Watson told men, “Gender equality is your issue, too.”

Perception continues to plague working women, though they're making strides

It’s not really a surprise that public support for working mothers, dual-earner families and families in which a woman is the primary breadwinner is on the rise again.

Running on Love: A nonprofit created to inspire people to be active

"Do well by doing good." ... I needed to hear this yesterday.

Check your emotions at the door when asking for a raise

I may receive harsh feedback, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say: Women are more emotional beings than men.

Getting a male perspective on the women's issues plaguing sports

It's very easy — especially as a woman — to be angry with the NFL these days.

A male perspective of money — Q&A with wealth management specialist Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy and his two younger brothers were single-handedly raised by their mother after their father's passing at age 39.

Give me a 'P,' give me an 'A,' give me a 'Y'... what's it spell? Lawsuits!

While the Oakland Raiders may have settled their suit with their cheerleading squad Thursday, the highly publicized — and rather enlightening — argument for fair wages and hours for NFL cheerleaders is just getting started.

Business, like society, has a weight issue when it comes to women

Last week, FX's Louie received an Emmy for “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy.” The winning episode — “So Did the Fat Lady” — centers on Louie as he is courted by Vanessa (played by Sarah Baker) after he strikes out...

Women in Business Breaking Glass blog: The women-in-film issue that wasn't

As a screenwriter, I was initially irritated to learn that James Gunn — writer-director of this year's uber-successful summer blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy” — was reported to have given multiple interviews in which he...

Q&A with Gov. Christie’s physician about being a woman in the medical industry

Rachana A. Kulkarni — a “Top Doc” cardiologist and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Somerset — believes I left one important question out when interviewing her for...

Nary a woman in sight: The engineering dilemma

Ever notice how some professions are a lot like the cast of 12 Angry Men? Nary a woman in sight.

A Q&A about communication, success and being a woman in a man's world

Leave it to a woman to not only reinvent her business multiple times, but also grow it into one of 1997's 500 Fastest Growing companies, according to Inc. Magazine.

In case you missed it …

Women have been making a huge splash in the New Jersey business scene this summer. NJBIZ has been fortunate enough to sit down with a few of them and get their stories and perspectives. Here are a few of our favorites: If you haven't read it, it's...

Against the grain: CompuDance

Maureen Strehl is defying the statistics. As a business-owning woman in the technology industry, the numbers are against her. Yet her business, CompuDance, has been seeing steady growth over the last four years, and there’s no sign of stopping.

Law firm's Inclusionary Initiative makes sure to factor in work-life balance

In 2014, it's harder to find a company without a Women's and Diversity Initiative than it is to find one with. So when Genova Burns Giantomasi Webster in Newark formally kicked off its Inclusionary Initiative in January, it wasn't its creation that...

Q&A with Chrishan Wright, principal and owner of Propel Media Group, co-founder of WE Biz

We can all learn a thing or two from Chrishan Wright about overcoming adversity in both our personal and professional lives.

Studies show vacation time is necessary, especially for women, for a more productive U.S. work force

We all know this to be true simply because we’ve all felt our blood vessels constrict tighter and tighter as the work week wears on: Women who don’t take annual vacations are 50 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack.

Could shorter workdays make for better workers?

Wednesday morning I read an interesting article about the continued research on shorter work days, and I thought, not only is this something that both men and women can appreciate, it may also be key to helping more overwhelmed women feel like they...

Financial knowledge can help women fight back against domestic violence

According to statistics provided by Safe Horizon and the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, 25 percent of women will experience domestic violence during their lifetimes.

Live Phroogally and live well

I admit: I Phroogaled “What is the difference between stocks and bonds?” this morning.

A big misunderstanding: The ‘Women Against Feminism’ movement

In journalism, fact checking and accuracy is of utmost importance. Clearly, Women Against Feminism doesn't agree.

Creating an online place for women seeking financial advice

Starting a women’s initiative has been something The Provident Bank — New Jersey’s oldest community bank — has wanted to do for a long time.

Women in business from a male perspective

There are just some people that, when you speak with them, make you feel better about your day and encourage you to consider all the possibilities still lying ahead.

Girl Scouts: It's not just about the cookies

If you are a woman reading this, the odds are good that you were (at one point in your life) a Girl Scout.

Tips and tricks for LinkedIn

Being a tech-savvy millennial, I thought I knew everything there was to know about LinkedIn.

Hobby Lobby: A ‘supreme’ misunderstanding

Full disclosure: As a male, I am not, nor have I ever been, on birth control.

“Math is tough!”: Barbie in the 21st Century

Growing up on a dangerously high dose of The Simpsons, there are a lot of moments that have stuck with me into adulthood, most of which still force me to crack at least a small smirk as I am reminded of them by the minute events of everyday life.

Meet our new 'Women in Business' blog contributor: Andrew Sheldon

Hi. My name is Andrew Sheldon. And I’ve loved movies ever since I can remember.

Networking has hidden advantages well beyond landing that dream job

I kind of hate to reveal this “secret,” but for the good of the greater generation and perhaps gender — I suppose I should.

N.J. businesses ignoring a simple way to boost the bottom line

I attended the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s 15th annual National Conference and Business Fair in Philadelphia on Tuesday. There, more than 3,000 executives from leading companies, government entities and women-owned...

The lame reason why the pay gap still exists

Sociology professors Youngjoo Cha and Kim A. Weeden at Indiana University and Cornell University have analyzed more than 30 years’ worth of wage data, from 1979 to 2009, to discover why the pay gap has persisted over time despite more women...

It’s not the time on social media, it’s how you use it

We know that better social media campaigns automatically mean bigger and better business — but did you know that companies can make even more money by studying the way genders view and use social media sites?

Let's call it the '50 Percent of the World' Cup

There's no question that the FIFA World Cup is big business. We all know at least one person that planned for years to travel to Brazil for this year's tournament, and it would be fair to say that an estimated 75 percent of our family and friends...

Study: Millennials are ‘overwhelmed’ by debt

Eight in ten millennials say Great Recession taught them to save “now”

It is my hope — and the hope of generations before me — that millennial women will be the ones to ultimately bridge the gender gap in the business world both socially and financially.

Tips for managing time and stress

I recently had a chance to speak with Linda Kester at the fourth annual Women in Banking Conference with the New Jersey Bankers Association in Somerset, where Kester spoke to a group of women about time and stress management in the financial...

Banking exec says “Let it go”

I’ve got to hand it to Laurie Krupa, managing director and head of global wealth and investment management banking for Bank of America.

Primary included some big wins for women

Women won big with the Democrats in New Jersey on Tuesday, as three female candidates advanced to the general congressional election:

Sexism and hurricane safety

No, this isn't a joke. And yes, this is real — albeit unabashedly foolish.

Shannon Morris and Sigma Group are going strong

In 1999, Shannon Morris joined the Sigma Group advertising agency as director of client services after holding several leadership roles at HBO, Prudential and Fuji Electric. Now with 18 years of marketing experience, Morris has since led Sigma Group...

How men can be a 'catalyst' for an inclusive workplace

So we've got a new plan — to involve more men in women's issues in the workplace — and we're ready to move forward.

Painting the picture of gender inequality

I’m not sure that I’d say I’m either a visual or an auditory learner — I’d like to think I’m both — but I will say that this infographic really hit the nail on the head after having attended all the...

“Women Leading the Way” forum offers alternative perspective on how to best approach women's issues in business

Yesterday, I attended the first-ever statewide forum titled “Women Leading the Way: Conversations with Powerful Women on Adversity, Leadership and Education” at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg.

Noteworthy event for newbie women business owners

Take a peek at this noteworthy event for the newbie women business owners.

Arianna Huffington’s “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder.”

I often find myself coming home at the end of each weekday looking forward to the stack of books I have by my bedside. When the day is done and I finally get to read that first chapter … I wake up the next morning having fallen asleep with the...

Q&A with Barbara Hennessy, vice president of production at Tribe Pictures in Chatham

Now that the torch has been passed on by my newest mentor Mary Johnson, I'd like to take this opportunity as the next writer of “Breaking Glass” to introduce another mentor of mine who had faith in me when I was often overlooked.

Meet our new 'Women in Business' blogger: Meg Fry

Hi there. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the new Mary Johnson, and I am honored to continue writing for this incredible blog in an effort to make myself just as amazing as she.

Small business owners' survey: Women far more confident than men

Women small business owners in the tri-state area are far more optimistic than their male counterparts when it comes to revenue, growth and hiring, according to the semi-annual small business survey by Bank of America.

Study: New Jersey is one of the better places to be a working mom

If you thought New Jersey would be a tough place for working moms — you know, because of the all-consuming hours and never-ending commutes — you'd be wrong.

Three N.J. companies ranked on global 50 Fastest Women-Owned/Led list

Three companies from New Jersey made the 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies list by the Women Presidents' Organization.

A farewell, as I go break a little glass of my own

This is my last post for Breaking Glass. Not because I don't love this blog — I really, really do — and not because I've grown tired of the women in business beat. It's quite the opposite actually. I'm leaving NJBIZ to cover women in...

Lawsuit claims jewelry store giant underpaid and sexually harassed its female employees

A dollar fifty might not seem like much. But when you multiply that by eight hours a day, forty hours a week and 52 weeks a year, pocket change turns into big bucks. And when the men in an organization are making that money and the women —...

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