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Breaking Glass - Archive Page 2

Breaking Glass

Women dominated winners' list of the 2014 NJBIZ CFO of the Year Awards

Women dominated the winners' list of this year's NJBIZ CFO of the Year awards program, which was held on Friday to celebrate New Jersey's financial executives who have had a direct effect on the economic growth and stability of their companies and the state. Read More »»

Microsoft CEO tells women to basically “sit tight” on getting a raise

Read More »»

Productivity, perfection and figuring out which helpful hints work for you

I'm a big fan of the “pie chart” theory, of breaking down one's day into 24-hour segments to figure out how much time is left after getting ready, commuting, working, errands, chores and sleeping. Read More »»

Makeup line's founder always puts her best face forward

Regardless of the ever-present media battle between companies stressing inner beauty and brands pushing miracle products, it is a fact that every woman, every day, is faced with the decision on how she will choose to present her beauty and what that means for her. Read More »»

From a need to save, a coupon-clipping Internet media empire grew

When her husband lost his job six years ago, Cindy Livesey hunkered down and put her household on a budget. Read More »»

What businesses need to know about New Jersey's new domestic violence leave law

From allegations in the NFL to California's legislation to address assault on college campuses, the news media have recently been giving strong coverage to the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. Read More »»

Hollaback! puts technology to use for women

Jill Dimond started working on the Hollaback! app, which allows women to log and map incidents of street harassment by submitting their stories when they occur, while doing her Ph.D. work that looked at violence against women and its relationship to technology. Read More »»

Pregnancy remains a complicated issue for businesses and employees

When writing the article on Christine Ballard — a member of this year's NJBIZ Forty Under 40 list — I wanted to portray her as a successful businesswoman devoted to the towns she provides clean water and safe infrastructure for as group manager of the Water Resources Department at Middletown-based T&M associates. Read More »»

Bringing females to the front of engineering

Of the 565 municipalities in New Jersey, only 19 have appointed municipal engineers who are females — Christine Ballard being one of them. Read More »»

Bridging the gender gap through the little things in life

In her address to the U.N., Emma Watson told men, “Gender equality is your issue, too.” Read More »»

Perception continues to plague working women, though they're making strides

It’s not really a surprise that public support for working mothers, dual-earner families and families in which a woman is the primary breadwinner is on the rise again. Read More »»

Running on Love: A nonprofit created to inspire people to be active

"Do well by doing good." ... I needed to hear this yesterday. Read More »»

Check your emotions at the door when asking for a raise

I may receive harsh feedback, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say: Women are more emotional beings than men. Read More »»

Getting a male perspective on the women's issues plaguing sports

It's very easy — especially as a woman — to be angry with the NFL these days. Read More »»

A male perspective of money — Q&A with wealth management specialist Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy and his two younger brothers were single-handedly raised by their mother after their father's passing at age 39. Read More »»

Give me a 'P,' give me an 'A,' give me a 'Y'... what's it spell? Lawsuits!

While the Oakland Raiders may have settled their suit with their cheerleading squad Thursday, the highly publicized — and rather enlightening — argument for fair wages and hours for NFL cheerleaders is just getting started. Read More »»

What parenthood does for men in the workplace versus women: You may be surprised

Ladies — prepare to feel annoyed. Read More »»

Business, like society, has a weight issue when it comes to women

Last week, FX's Louie received an Emmy for “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy.” The winning episode — “So Did the Fat Lady” — centers on Louie as he is courted by Vanessa (played by Sarah Baker) after he strikes out with every other waitress at a comedy club. Read More »»

Women in Business Breaking Glass blog: The women-in-film issue that wasn't

As a screenwriter, I was initially irritated to learn that James Gunn — writer-director of this year's uber-successful summer blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy” — was reported to have given multiple interviews in which he expressed his disagreement with the co-writing credit Nicole Perlman — the first woman ever to have a writing credit on a Marvel movie — received for the original draft she developed while in the Marvel Writing Program. Read More »»

Q&A with Gov. Christie’s physician about being a woman in the medical industry

Rachana A. Kulkarni — a “Top Doc” cardiologist and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Somerset — believes I left one important question out when interviewing her for NJBIZ’s “Breaking Glass” blog: Read More »»

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Breaking Glass

Sony hack reveals gender gap even affects Hollywood stars

By and large, the implications from the Sony hack have been unnerving, unsavory...

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Consider year-end charitable giving options carefully

As we are in our final year-end tax planning mode, many of us are looking to...

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Redevelopment project aims to give A.C. a place with a millennial vibe

About seven months back, I wrote about all the goings-on in Atlantic City...

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