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Breaking Glass - Archive Page 2

Breaking Glass

Creating an online place for women seeking financial advice

Starting a women’s initiative has been something The Provident Bank — New Jersey’s oldest community bank — has wanted to do for a long time. Read More »»

Women in business from a male perspective

There are just some people that, when you speak with them, make you feel better about your day and encourage you to consider all the possibilities still lying ahead. Read More »»

Girl Scouts: It's not just about the cookies

If you are a woman reading this, the odds are good that you were (at one point in your life) a Girl Scout. Read More »»

Tips and tricks for LinkedIn

Being a tech-savvy millennial, I thought I knew everything there was to know about LinkedIn. Read More »»

Hobby Lobby: A ‘supreme’ misunderstanding

Full disclosure: As a male, I am not, nor have I ever been, on birth control. Read More »»

“Math is tough!”: Barbie in the 21st Century

Growing up on a dangerously high dose of The Simpsons, there are a lot of moments that have stuck with me into adulthood, most of which still force me to crack at least a small smirk as I am reminded of them by the minute events of everyday life. More surprising are the moments that generated, and continue to resonate, a deeper emotional reaction. Read More »»

Meet our new 'Women in Business' blog contributor: Andrew Sheldon

Hi. My name is Andrew Sheldon. And I’ve loved movies ever since I can remember. Read More »»

Networking has hidden advantages well beyond landing that dream job

I kind of hate to reveal this “secret,” but for the good of the greater generation and perhaps gender — I suppose I should. Read More »»

N.J. businesses ignoring a simple way to boost the bottom line

I attended the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s 15th annual National Conference and Business Fair in Philadelphia on Tuesday. There, more than 3,000 executives from leading companies, government entities and women-owned businesses from across the country had the opportunity to network. Read More »»

The lame reason why the pay gap still exists

Sociology professors Youngjoo Cha and Kim A. Weeden at Indiana University and Cornell University have analyzed more than 30 years’ worth of wage data, from 1979 to 2009, to discover why the pay gap has persisted over time despite more women becoming highly educated and earning higher-level positions. Read More »»

It’s not the time on social media, it’s how you use it

We know that better social media campaigns automatically mean bigger and better business — but did you know that companies can make even more money by studying the way genders view and use social media sites? Read More »»

Let's call it the '50 Percent of the World' Cup

There's no question that the FIFA World Cup is big business. We all know at least one person that planned for years to travel to Brazil for this year's tournament, and it would be fair to say that an estimated 75 percent of our family and friends are arranging their daily schedules around game times this month. Read More »»

Study: Millennials are ‘overwhelmed’ by debt

Eight in ten millennials say Great Recession taught them to save “now”
It is my hope — and the hope of generations before me — that millennial women will be the ones to ultimately bridge the gender gap in the business world both socially and financially. Read More »»

Tips for managing time and stress

I recently had a chance to speak with Linda Kester at the fourth annual Women in Banking Conference with the New Jersey Bankers Association in Somerset, where Kester spoke to a group of women about time and stress management in the financial industry. Read More »»

Banking exec says “Let it go”

I’ve got to hand it to Laurie Krupa, managing director and head of global wealth and investment management banking for Bank of America. Read More »»

Primary included some big wins for women

Women won big with the Democrats in New Jersey on Tuesday, as three female candidates advanced to the general congressional election: Read More »»

Sexism and hurricane safety

No, this isn't a joke. And yes, this is real — albeit unabashedly foolish. Read More »»

Shannon Morris and Sigma Group are going strong

In 1999, Shannon Morris joined the Sigma Group advertising agency as director of client services after holding several leadership roles at HBO, Prudential and Fuji Electric. Now with 18 years of marketing experience, Morris has since led Sigma Group through 500 percent growth in billings and size while also finding the time to act as vice president for the Answer to Cancer nonprofit organization. Read More »»

How men can be a 'catalyst' for an inclusive workplace

So we've got a new plan — to involve more men in women's issues in the workplace — and we're ready to move forward. Read More »»

Painting the picture of gender inequality

I’m not sure that I’d say I’m either a visual or an auditory learner — I’d like to think I’m both — but I will say that this infographic really hit the nail on the head after having attended all the women’s events to hear about struggles and victories women have seen in the workplace. Read More »»

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How do you see the state of manufacturing in New Jersey?

Breaking Glass

Check your emotions at the door when asking for a raise

I may receive harsh feedback, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say: Women...

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“New” Military Park transforming a Newark neighborhood

The ribbon cutting of Newark's Military Park this summer marked a rebirth for...

Millennial Minded

Use tech as a tool, not a crutch... or a distraction

Hi. My name is Andrew, and I'm a technology addict.

SFW: Suitable for Work

Rudest on the road? Would you believe Jersey isn't among the top five states

It turns out that New Jersey doesn't have the rudest drivers in the country. In...

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