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Breaking Glass

Meg Fry

About the Breaking Glass Blog

Meg Fry blogs about women in business. She tells their stories and details their successes while providing news, tips and helpful hints for the next generation. Contact Meg at megf@njbiz.com.

State of the Union brings women's issues to the fore

President Obama's State of the Union address did something smart, but not entirely unexpected, on Tuesday.

Do Oscar nominations reflect need for diversity in Hollywood?

As someone who has always loved the movies (so much so that I went to work in them), I have always treated the Academy Awards as my Superbowl — I’ve thrown red carpet events, invited people over to watch it on T.V. while sipping...

Teams with more women outperform teams with more men, regardless of other factors

I was a pretty disinterested student early on. Until about 14, school was something I did between playing guitar and watching Monty Python routines to the point of memorization.

Gender norms are still at play in the tech gadget industry

Fun fact: A lot of early computing professionals — those who pioneered the young industry in the 1960's and 1970's — were women.

The golden years and the Golden Globes: Older actresses push for the strong roles they deserve

Fact: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — beloved comedic actresses now over the age of 40 — hosted the 72nd Golden Globes for the third time Sunday evening.

Bayoh named to New York Fed's Small Business and Agricultural Advisory Council

Adenah Bayoh, Irvington-based IHOP franchisee and real estate developer, has been named to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Small Business and Agricultural Advisory Council.

Learn lessons from 2014's big stories about women and business

Based on most news stories we heard last year, it would suffice to say 2014 was once again a challenging year for women in business.

Family-unfriendly policies driving moms from the workplace

Running away to Europe is probably not the first thing on any new mother's mind.

Sony hack reveals gender gap even affects Hollywood stars

By and large, the implications from the Sony hack have been unnerving, unsavory and straight-up damning. Aside from completely eradicating lifelong careers, healthy egos and positive public images, the hackers also recently threatened actual...

Interested in women's issues? This may be the group for you

Even with little to no experience in politics whatsoever — as skilled at debate I may be — the Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey is one organization that every person with a vested interest in women's issues should learn more about.

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