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About the Suitable For Work Blog

NJBIZ Editor Tom Bergeron and Digital Content Editor Joe Ross blog about the stranger side of business. While things may get weird over here, they'll always be suitable for work. Contact them at &

Weekend Read: The Internet has a seedy underbelly, and it's called Silk Road

Recently, federal authorities arrested a man Ross William Ulbricht for, well, for a lot of things. You just probably haven't heard of them, at least as they exist on the Internet. Read More »»

VIDEO: Watch the Geico camel's other commercial

How Caleb the talking camel won the Internet
If you're like me, you came here to see another awesome talking camel video. I won't hide the ball: the video is at the bottom. Go watch it, but then come back and read the rest of the post. Read More »»

Barilla, Russia, and the high business cost of ignorance

Business is complicated. You're constantly juggling corporate policy, public image, private lives and government laws. That's why it's important to remember that nothing in business can ever be unsaid. Read More »»

iPhone alone is bigger than many companies, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the rumors

A company as large as Apple, with $41.7 billion in profit in 2012, is bound to inspire both critics and rumors. And if critics and rumors alike are right, what does it mean for the future of the largest consumer electronics company on the planet? Read More »»

Weekend Read: Popeyes intends to transcend its brand

Here's an idea: every Friday I'll try to dig up an interesting, long-form story from the collection of strange business tales I peruse to inspire SFW posts. Read More »»

Not sexy enough: Rethinking a timeless return policy

A money-back guarantee gives customers a certain sense of calm and can make them more likely to pick up a product they're otherwise on the fence about. But can it go too far? Read More »»

A funny thing happened on the way to the judge's chambers

But he isn't allowed to tell you about it, at least not from a stage or for money, according to a recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Read More »»

Burn some calories while you do those TPS reports

Many of us spend the bulk of our time each week in an office chair, but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to be sedentary about it. A recent trend sees more office workers exercising on the job. Read More »»

Several New Jerseyans on the Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans list

Forbes released its list of the 400 wealthiest Americans of 2013 Monday, four of whom live in New Jersey. Read More »»

Business reporters issue press release on a personal matter

Today, SFW is going meta. That is, I'm going to write a blog post on a business news site about two people who write stories about business news, who announced something very important via a business news press release. Read More »»

Hide your shame: Thai Airways and how to screw up damage control

A recent incident at Thai Airways led to the injury of several passengers and the airline's response probably wasn't what you would expect. Read More »»

VIDEO: Job applicants react to meteor strike visible outside office window

Sometimes, marketing is suave and overproduced, the results of millions of dollars of epic planning and execution. Other times, you just disguise an ultra-high definition television as a window, and laugh at someone's sheer horror. Read More »»

Yahoo retook the spotlight with their long, drawn-out logo redesign, but to what end?

Yahoo is old in Internet time. Founded in 1994, the company that began as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" became a traffic behemoth before turning into something of a joke among the sort of geeks that joke about this sort of thing (the rise and fall of web portals). Until very recently, the company was poised to be forgotten. Read More »»

VIDEO: Successful beer marketing, without the beer

How Heineken uses unusual promotion to get eyeballs on its brand
Heineken's 'Dropped' series takes people far from home and exposes them to new environments. The videos hardly include any mention of Heineken or beer, but that's not preventing them from gaining attention. Read More »»

The 'A-Rod' problem: Why naming your business carefully is so important

Ricardo Rodriguez has a problem. His problem has a name. Or, rather, his problem is a name: A-Rod. Read More »»

Employees reveal what their employers don't want you to know

Oh Reddit, you glorious amalgamation of the wonderful, fascinating, and awful things the Internet has to offer. You let us share links with and ask questions of one another, voting the best to the top. And this time, you've surprised even this seasoned user. Read More »»

Pew report: Older audiences moving onto social networks

The common assumption is that a larger proportion of young adults use social media tools and social networking sites than older age groups. Read More »»

Small businesses compete with big benefits by offering unique amenities

Many large corporations offer impressive benefits like large bonuses, free child care, and large matched contributions to 401(k). But smaller companies, whether family-owned businesses or brand new startups, don't always have the resources or capital to augment salaries with such perks. Read More »»

VIDEO: Illegal mountainous penthouse ordered removed from Beijing building

It's no secret that wealthy people rarely spare any expense in the acquisition or construction of their dream home. But when someone's ideal residence is a mansion perched atop a 26-story apartment building, no amount of wealth or influence is likely to insulate it from scrutiny forever. Read More »»

VIDEO: What are your favorite business books?

Today we're sharing a video by our sister publication, Central Penn Business Journal, in which staff discuss their favorite business books. Read More »»

Poll Question of the Week:

The federal government released a massive amount of data regarding Medicaid reimbursement. Was this a good idea?

Breaking Glass

A farewell, as I go break a little glass of my own

This is my last post for Breaking Glass. Not because I don't love this blog...

Industry Insights

To provide a health plan or not provide a health plan? That is the employer's question

2014 brings new opportunities and challenges for the insured, the uninsured,...

SFW: Suitable for Work

With million-dollar paydays, Rutgers is making sure its medical school has a sporting chance

Longtime critics of Rutgers' move to big-time athletics always have had one...

State Street

Chamber president, Lt. Gov. candidate debate minimum wage hike in radio interview

He's pushing hard to defeat a ballot measure that would raise the state's...

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