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SFW Blog

About the Suitable For Work Blog

NJBIZ Editor Tom Bergeron blogs about the stranger side of business. While things may get weird over here, they'll always be suitable for work. Contact him at

Guess which N.J. college makes the Top 10 for young alumni salaries

Sure, it’s nice to make the dean’s list, but here’s a list your parents would probably rather have you on (especially if they’re footing the bill): PayScale’s Top Colleges by Salary Potential. Read More »»

Suitable for Work blog: N.J.'s wealthy investors ponder the economy's future

If the region's wealthiest investors aren't that thrilled with economic estimates, what chance does anyone else have? Read More »»

Golden years may not be so golden in N.J., survey finds

If you survive the challenges for small businesses, outlast the unfriendly cities and don’t overdose on the high-quality coffee, at least you can retire well in New Jersey, right? Read More »»

Best coffee in country? N.J. company gets the nod

Technomic Inc.'s 2014 survey, “Consumer Brand Metrics: Convenience Stores,” has apparently answered that age-old question voiced by road-weary travelers and cramming college students everywhere: Where can you get the best cup of coffee in the middle of the night? Read More »»

How much is $100 really worth in New Jersey?

A hundred bucks doesn’t buy you much in New Jersey, according to a recent study by the Tax Foundation. Read More »»

Which N.J. region is poised for big income growth? You may be surprised …

Finally, New Jersey gets some good economic news. Read More »»

The 10 unfriendliest cities in the country: New Jersey puts two on the list — including No. 1

New Jersey is spending a lot of dollars in an attempt to lure tourists to the state. Perhaps it needs to remember the golden rule: Smiles are free. Read More »»

Best counties in America to live in: Two N.J. counties rank in the top 10

We keep hearing about all these companies moving out of New Jersey, saying other states offer companies more. According to a recent study, the Garden State offers something others can only dream of: Read More »»

What's your Brazilian soccer name? Site offers quick and easy way to find out

We know, we know — no one has been watching the World Cup during the business work day. Read More »»

Traffic? Not in Jersey – at least that's what this study found

Here's a reason to celebrate in the Garden State. We did not make a list — a list no one wants to be on anyway. Read More »»

Income disparity: M.I.T. economist shows how education is biggest factor

Good news for the 1 percenters out there: The greatest amount of income disparity is not between the top 1 percent of earners and the rest — but among the 99 percenters themselves. And the biggest factor is education. Read More »»

No surprise, Dos Equis' brilliant marketing team uses Most Interesting Man to create most interesting Cinco de Mayo commercial (with video)

It's Cinco de Mayo and you know what that means: It's a marketers dream, one of few times all year it's still O.K. to promote alcohol use as a fun and festive occasion. Read More »»

With million-dollar paydays, Rutgers is making sure its medical school has a sporting chance

Longtime critics of Rutgers' move to big-time athletics always have had one rallying cry: Read More »»

Unintended mall makeover: Which brands will survive?

There's been a recent wave of companies with a huge presence in New Jersey's shopping malls announcing cutbacks, store closings and bankruptcies. Read More »»

Two N.J. schools make Top 100 rankings based on reputation

All you've got is your reputation. Ok, maybe that's not totally true with higher ed. Your endowment means a lot, too. Read More »»

Parents vs. kids, who sets the rules? N.J. judge rules for parents in bizarre case that drew national attention

It's a precedent-setting case - or just a reminder that parents actually are in charge of their kids and get to make the rules. Imagine that. Read More »»

Groupon's Presidents Day 'mistake' is marketing move of the year

So Groupon's Presidents Day promotion offers $10 off certain deals — in honor of President Alexander Hamilton. Read More »»

Job ads excluding unemployed applicants are illegal in N.J.

Small businesses and larger ones without an attorney on staff will want to read on to learn about the law banning job listings by New Jersey companies refusing to consider unemployed applicants. Read More »»

And the safest town in New Jersey is...

When it comes to business, the most important part is the customer base. Or, put more humanly, people. Preferably, you want lots of them, happy to go out and happy to spend money. Read More »»

Pay for your coffee with a waive of your hand

This New Jersey company connects a scan of the veins in your hand to your credit card. Read More »»

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Would you have preferred a bonus over a holiday party?

Breaking Glass

Family-unfriendly policies driving moms from the workplace

Running away to Europe is probably not the first thing on any new mother's mind.

Industry Insights

Consider year-end charitable giving options carefully

As we are in our final year-end tax planning mode, many of us are looking to...

Millennial Minded

Redevelopment project aims to give A.C. a place with a millennial vibe

About seven months back, I wrote about all the goings-on in Atlantic City...

SFW: Suitable for Work

'Traffic problems in Fort Lee,' indeed, trucking survey finds

If the 2015 resolution of the Christie administration is to expunge...

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