NJBIZ - Morning Roundup http://www.njbiz.com/section/roundup Morning Roundup News en-us Copyright 2016 NJBIZ Tue, 03 May 2016 01:37:01 EST Tue, 03 May 2016 01:37:01 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509988&source=RSS Most-read Inside the data Part 3 There's no slowdown in visits to the ER despite changes in reimbursement rules With the increase in urgent cares and a focus on primary care utilization from more insured individuals, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the emergency departments at hospitals should be quieter, right? The data says differently, for now. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:26:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509988&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509989&source=RSS Prime, Horizon BCBSNJ agree to continue in-network coverage at St. Michaels Just in the nick of time, Prime Healthcare and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey announced they have reached an agreement to continue in-network coverage for patients at Saint Michael&#8217s Medical Center in Newark. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:25:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509989&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509990&source=RSS Update Stevens' Trade Day gives high-schoolers a chance to see how stock dealing works Stevens Institute of Technology hosted its Trade Day event Friday at its Hoboken campus to give high school students experience in simulated stock trading. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:24:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509990&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509991&source=RSS N.J. could see one of the most expensive House campaigns The U. S. House campaign between Republican Rep. Scott Garrett and Democratic challenger Josh Gottheimer is shaping up to be one of the most expensive congressional contests in the nation, Federal Election Commission data shows. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:24:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509991&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509992&source=RSS One top taxpayer moved, and New Jersey shuddered Our top-heavy economy has come to this One man can move out of New Jersey and put the entire state budget at risk. Other states are facing similar situations as a greater share of income &#8212 and tax revenue &#8212 becomes concentrated in the hands of a few. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:23:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509992&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509993&source=RSS NJ Transit union rejects labor deal that averted rail strike Members of a union representing some NJ Transit rail workers have become the first group to not ratify a new contract with the agency. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:22:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509993&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509994&source=RSS Horizon's OMNIA health plan divides N.J. hospitals Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey sees its newest coverage plan as a potentially transformative product, just what the health-care system needs to reward successful medical treatment and keep costs down by moving away from the traditional fee-for-service model. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:22:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509994&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509995&source=RSS Do N.J. rail commuters pay the highest fares in America? An analysis by a commuter advocacy group says that NJ Transit rail riders pay the highest fares in the nation for the second straight year. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:21:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509995&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509996&source=RSS Norcrossing the Delaware How South Jersey's political boss is making his move on Philly George Norcross slipped in through the back door. It was May 19th, the day Jim Kenney won the mayoral primary in a landslide. Norcross was with Dan Hilferty, the CEO of Independence Blue Cross, when he got the news. &#8220That evening we had a dinner meeting with a potential business partner,&#8221 says Hilferty, &#8220and we hear on the radio. . . Mon, 02 May 2016 08:20:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509996&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509997&source=RSS United Airlines cuts COO Hart's pay by 1 million over Port Authority probe United Continental Holdings Inc. said in a proxy statement Friday that it cut the pay of one of its top officers in connection with an internal probe that resulted in its chief executive's resignation last year. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:20:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509997&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509998&source=RSS A.C. spending increased 46 million under state's watch Since the state first assigned fiscal monitors to the city in 2010, municipal spending has increased by more than 46. 1 million, according to a review of city budgets by The Press of Atlantic City. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:19:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509998&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509999&source=RSS Princeton's neighbors say to heck with freebies #8212 We want cash Free lectures, admission to athletic games and concerts, even shuttles to Trader Joe&#8217s are some of the perks that neighbors of Princeton University get from New Jersey&#8217s only Ivy League school. Mon, 02 May 2016 08:18:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160502/NJBIZ01/160509999&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429738&source=RSS New Jersey congressman, citing fraud, calls on Congress to investigate FEMA A representative from New Jersey called on Thursday for a congressional investigation into the Federal Emergency Management Agency&#8217s flood insurance program, alleging that wrongdoing by the agency had prevented thousands of victims of Hurricane Sandy from receiving the payouts they were entitled to in order to rebuild. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:28:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429738&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429739&source=RSS Colorado weighs replacing Obama's health policy with universal coverage For years, voters in this swing state have rejected tax increases and efforts to expand government. But now they are flirting with a radical transformation whether to abandon President Obama&#8217s health care policy and instead create a new, taxpayer-financed public health system that guarantees coverage for everyone. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:27:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429739&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429740&source=RSS Asbury Park's first new hotel in 50 years This summer, New Jersey&#8217s Asbury Park is once again hitting a high note. Famous in the &#821770s for its music scene, which helped launch Bruce Springsteen&#8217s career, the seaside city is coming alive after years of decline. In late May, the waterfront district will welcome its first new hotel in more than half a century. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:26:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429740&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429741&source=RSS Atlantic City, America's worst-rated town, stares at default Atlantic City has so little money left that it could miss a 1. 8 million bond payment due Sunday, a step that would make it the first New Jersey municipality to default on debt since the Great Depression. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:26:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429741&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429742&source=RSS Obama agrees to interview with editor of Rutgers student newspaper A college reporter spending time at the White House has landed what many beat reporters long for an interview with President Barack Obama. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:25:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429742&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429743&source=RSS Gender questions can influence your vote for president, experiment finds As Hillary Clinton vies to become America's first female president and as Donald Trump questions whether she's playing the woman card, a new national survey suggests gender is playing a role in which 2016 presidential candidate people say they support. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:25:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429743&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429744&source=RSS JetBlue adding more flights from Newark to Florida after airport change JetBlue is the first airline to take advantage of Newark airport's new federal reclassification, announcing Thursday it will add six more flights a day from the Garden State to the Sunshine State. Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:24:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429744&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429745&source=RSS 'Normal America' is not a small town of white people Earlier this week, Jim VandeHei, a former executive editor of Politico, wrote an op-ed article for The Wall Street Journal accusing the Washington political establishment of being out of touch with &#8220normal America. &#8221 Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:23:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20160429/NJBIZ01/160429745&source=RSS