NJBIZ - South Jersey http://www.njbiz.com/section/southNJ South Jersey News en-us Copyright 2017 NJBIZ Mon, 25 Sep 2017 04:54:54 EST Mon, 25 Sep 2017 04:54:54 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170921/NJBIZ01/170929961&source=RSS N.J. has near universal access to arts education, participation growing Students in New Jersey schools have more access to arts education than ever before. Thu, 21 Sep 2017 15:31:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170921/NJBIZ01/170929961&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170921/NJBIZ01/170929963&source=RSS Camden approves Amazon HQ2 proposal Amazon&#8217s second headquarters is seemingly the prize everyone wants to win, but Camden said it believes it has a genuine shot at attracting the multibillion dollar e-commerce company. Thu, 21 Sep 2017 13:55:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170921/NJBIZ01/170929963&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170921/NJBIZ01/170929980&source=RSS Princeton tops colleges with best online programs The metric may change, but Princeton remains the highest-rated. In this case, the renowned university topped Online College Plan&#8217s list of New Jersey institutions with the best online programs. Wed, 20 Sep 2017 15:43:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170921/NJBIZ01/170929980&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170919823&source=RSS New Jersey commits to 65 educational attainment rate by 2025 New Jersey is committing to becoming the most educated state in the country. Thu, 21 Sep 2017 11:04:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170919823&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170919824&source=RSS Top N.J. companies in real estate, IT, health care, banking and more NJBIZ unveils inaugural Reader Rankings The readers spoke &#8212 and winners were named in 52 categories when NJBIZ unveiled the 2017 Reader Rankings. Wed, 20 Sep 2017 12:27:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170919824&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170929986&source=RSS Christie pledges 200M to fight opioid crisis Gov. Chris Christie has pledged to set aside an additional 200 million to fight the opioid crisis. Wed, 20 Sep 2017 12:23:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170929986&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170929990&source=RSS Drug-prevention program aims to forge business partnerships Corporate investment is key to successful intervention with kids in N.J., L.E.A.D. says Nick DeMauro has been involved in alcohol and drug prevention programs for students for more than two decades. And he's never seen it this tough. The demand for the services of the organization he runs, L. E. A. D. , or Law Enforcement Against Drugs, is off the charts, he said. Wed, 20 Sep 2017 10:18:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170920/NJBIZ01/170929990&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170919/INDINSIGHTS/170919838&source=RSS Blockchain Changing the world, starting in New Jersey By now, you've probably heard that &#8220blockchain will change the world. &#8221 Notwithstanding massive recent hype, it almost certainly will. And its impact will be even larger right here in New Jersey, because we're at the heart of many of the industries it's likely to transform. Tue, 19 Sep 2017 10:34:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170919/INDINSIGHTS/170919838&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919855&source=RSS Guadagno touts plan to lower property tax hikes State gubernatorial candidate and current Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno touted her plan to minimize property tax increases during Opportunity New Jersey&#8217s Affordability Summit on Monday. Mon, 18 Sep 2017 14:01:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919855&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919859&source=RSS 10,000 grant presented to Camden employment program Camden Corps Plus, a program designed to offer training and employment opportunities to youth in Camden City, received 10,000 in funding from Freeholder Jonathan Young and PSEG. Mon, 18 Sep 2017 12:36:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919859&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919860&source=RSS Tourism up in Atlantic City Things are seemingly looking up for the Atlantic City businesses that haven&#8217t closed down. Mon, 18 Sep 2017 11:58:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919860&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919870&source=RSS New Jerseyans want more funding for arts education New Jerseyans nearly unanimously agree that arts education is &#8220very&#8221 or &#8220somewhat&#8221 important and want state funding to support it Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:35:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170918/NJBIZ01/170919870&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170916/INDINSIGHTS/170919881&source=RSS A case for Camden and a call to Amazon On a cold and dreary Saturday in January, as a wintry mix pounded the pavement on Federal Street in Camden. I raced from my car into the Camden Technology Center where 200 entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals were eagerly awaiting a six hour marathon of presentations from VC firms, successful tech startups, and Philadelphia area business. . . Fri, 15 Sep 2017 15:19:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170916/INDINSIGHTS/170919881&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170915/NJBIZ01/170919897&source=RSS State's top Republican outlines legislative plan to lure Amazon State Senate minority leader Tom Kean has outlined a legislative plan to entice Amazon to choose New Jersey as the location to construct its 5 billion &#8220HQ2&#8221 facility. Fri, 15 Sep 2017 12:57:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170915/NJBIZ01/170919897&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170915/NJBIZ01/170919903&source=RSS Colliers brokers sale of southern New Jersey medical center Commercial real estate brokerage firm Colliers International recently announced it completed the sale of the Medford Medical Center in Medford. Fri, 15 Sep 2017 11:07:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170915/NJBIZ01/170919903&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170915/NJBIZ01/170919905&source=RSS Holtec opens new HQ office building in Camden Energy management firm Holtec International recently announced it opened a 160,000-square-foot office building in its 50-acre campus in Camden. Fri, 15 Sep 2017 10:34:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170915/NJBIZ01/170919905&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170914/NJBIZ01/170919926&source=RSS N.J. submits RFP to bring Amazon HQ2 to New Jersey The New Jersey Partnership for Action announced plans last week to submit a response to Amazon&#8217s Request for Proposals RFP seeking a location for its second corporate headquarters. Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:09:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170914/NJBIZ01/170919926&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170913/NJBIZ01/170919945&source=RSS Murphy has huge lead in N.J. gov race, poll finds Republicans aren&#8217t coming out on top in this year&#8217s New Jersey gubernatorial race, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday. Wed, 13 Sep 2017 13:26:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170913/NJBIZ01/170919945&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170913/NJBIZ01/170919948&source=RSS EWNJ names top N.J. companies with women leaders Executive Women of New Jersey, a statewide senior-level executive women&#8217s organization committed to increasing the number of women in top corporate and board leadership, released Wednesday its biennial EWNJ &#8220A Seat at the Table&#8221 Honor Roll, which consists of publicly traded New Jersey companies that have appointed three or more. . . Wed, 13 Sep 2017 12:02:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170913/NJBIZ01/170919948&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170913/NJBIZ01/170919949&source=RSS From the Corps to the corner office Former Marine finds business niche in pipelines, pharmaceuticals It&#8217s not every day that someone compares overseeing 80,000 U. S. Marines to running a project management and gas pipeline inspection firm in New Jersey. But for Frank Libutti, former U. S. Marine Corps Lieutenant General and current president and CEO of Renaissance Global Services, the two tasks have far more in common than most people can. . . Wed, 13 Sep 2017 11:22:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170913/NJBIZ01/170919949&source=RSS