NJBIZ - South Jersey http://www.njbiz.com/section/southNJ South Jersey News en-us Copyright 2017 NJBIZ Wed, 24 May 2017 00:49:10 EST Wed, 24 May 2017 00:49:10 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170523/NJBIZ01/170529949&source=RSS Nonmanufacturing activity loses steam in May, Fed says Nonmanufacturing activity in the region including South Jersey continued to expand in May, but at a more moderate level, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said Tuesday. Tue, 23 May 2017 13:07:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170523/NJBIZ01/170529949&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170523/NJBIZ01/170529951&source=RSS Former Flyer Kerr's real estate firm joins Sotheby's network Sotheby&#8217s International Realty Affiliates LLC, a unit of Madison-based Realogy Holdings Corp. , has teamed up with former Philadelphia Flyers star Tim Kerr and his Tim Kerr&#8217s Powerplay Realty in Avalon, the company announced Tuesday. Tue, 23 May 2017 12:05:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170523/NJBIZ01/170529951&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170522/NJBIZ01/170529987&source=RSS NJBIZ names General Counsel award winners At a special event Friday, NJBIZ announced its winners of the General Counsel of the Year awards. These awards honor New Jersey's best general counsels and chief legal officers, who are making a difference for their companies and the state as a whole. Mon, 22 May 2017 10:17:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170522/NJBIZ01/170529987&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170522/INDINSIGHTS/170529999&source=RSS PILOTS are a win-win for developers and N.J. municipalities alike PILOTs payments in lieu of taxes have become a critical tool of local government to encourage the needed improvements in distressed, undervalued and aging downtowns. Mon, 22 May 2017 08:09:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170522/INDINSIGHTS/170529999&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170519/NJBIZ01/170519788&source=RSS Campbell misses earnings expectations in Q3, as sales fall Campbell Soup Co. reported earnings fell in its fiscal third quarter, missing Wall Street expectations in what its CEO called &#8220a difficult environment. &#8221 Fri, 19 May 2017 09:11:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170519/NJBIZ01/170519788&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170518/NJBIZ01/170519808&source=RSS Philly Fed report Businesses in South Jersey expect growth to continue over next 6 months The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia reporter in its Monthly Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey that most firms in South Jersey expect growth to continue over the next six months. Thu, 18 May 2017 12:25:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170518/NJBIZ01/170519808&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170518/NJBIZ01/170519811&source=RSS Campbell announces new solar array at HQ in Camden Campbell Soup Co. , in partnership with BNB Renewable Energy Holdings, Sunpower Corp. and ORIX USA Corp. , broke ground Wednesday on a 4. 4 megawatt solar power project at the company&#8217s world headquarters in Camden. Thu, 18 May 2017 11:27:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170518/NJBIZ01/170519811&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170518/NJBIZ01/170519816&source=RSS Roger Ailes, Fox News founder, dies Rogers Ailes, the former chief executive of Fox News, died Thursday morning at age 77, Fox News reported. Thu, 18 May 2017 10:28:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170518/NJBIZ01/170519816&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170517/NJBIZ01/170519842&source=RSS Premier Orthopaedic opens expanded Vineland site Premier Orthopaedic Associates celebrated the grand opening of its expanded, 11,500-square-foot Vineland facility. Wed, 17 May 2017 10:26:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170517/NJBIZ01/170519842&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170516/NJBIZ01/170519858&source=RSS HMSHost looking for workers for highway travel plazas, it says The restaurant company HMSHost is planning a series of job fairs throughout the state, seeking workers for its 18 New Jersey Travel Plazas, located along the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway, it announced Tuesday. Tue, 16 May 2017 14:02:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170516/NJBIZ01/170519858&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170516/NJBIZ01/170519863&source=RSS Scutari unveils recreational marijuana legislation In light of the eight different states that have approved the use of recreational marijuana and more than 60 percent of people in the country favoring legalization, state Senate Judiciary Chairman Nicholas Scutari has announced he will introduce new legislation to legalize personal use of small amounts of marijuana in New Jersey for people 21. . . Tue, 16 May 2017 13:40:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170516/NJBIZ01/170519863&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170516/NJBIZ01/170519870&source=RSS SOSH Architects names new managing director As part of its plan to open a Philadelphia office, Atlantic City-based SOSH Architects announced it has named Douglas Steele as managing director. His knowledge of the area and connections to clients in the area are ideal to expansion of the firm into Southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond, said the firm. Tue, 16 May 2017 10:31:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170516/NJBIZ01/170519870&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170515/NJBIZ01/170519885&source=RSS Cyber-lawyer explains ransomware attacks, what businesses can do to avoid them The threat of WannaCry, the ransomware that was slated to wreak havoc over the past weekend, seems to have subsided. Mon, 15 May 2017 14:16:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170515/NJBIZ01/170519885&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170515/NJBIZ01/170519897&source=RSS New franchisee buys 16 Pizza Huts in S. Jersey A New Jersey man has formed a restaurant group to acquire 16 Pizza Hut restaurants in South Jersey, the company announced Monday. Mon, 15 May 2017 10:13:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170515/NJBIZ01/170519897&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/NJBIZ01/170519939&source=RSS Jon Hanson speaks out in favor of EB-5 program Jon Hanson is the chairman of the Hampshire Cos. and universally regarded among his colleagues as the most respected and most influential person in the real estate industry. Fri, 12 May 2017 11:34:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/NJBIZ01/170519939&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/NJBIZ01/170519940&source=RSS Changes may be coming to the decades-old EB-5 visa program. And they could be coming just when N.J. developers need it the most Ted Zangari vividly remembers the reaction of investors and developers when he first started explaining the EB-5 program. Fri, 12 May 2017 11:29:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/NJBIZ01/170519940&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/NJBIZ01/170519941&source=RSS Big mindset divide between employers, employees, ADP survey says There&#8217s a huge divide between the way employers and employees think about jobs, according to a recent ADP Research Institute study. Fri, 12 May 2017 10:22:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/NJBIZ01/170519941&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/GRAPEVINE/170519944&source=RSS Grapevine Analysis No letup in insurance squabbles #8230 just a lot more revelations and accusations New Jersey is one of the lucky states, experts have said previously. Residents still have two insurers in the Affordable Care Act marketplace. This almost wasn&#8217t the case. Fri, 12 May 2017 08:44:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170512/GRAPEVINE/170519944&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170511/NJBIZ01/170519957&source=RSS Prime withdraws from deal to buy Memorial Hospital of Salem County A deal for the sale of The Memorial Hospital of Salem County to California-based for-profit health systems operator Prime Healthcare, which currently operates a Newark facility, fell through Monday. Thu, 11 May 2017 11:29:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170511/NJBIZ01/170519957&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170511/NJBIZ01/170519959&source=RSS WCRE joins CORFAC International office network Marlton-based Wolf Commercial Real Estate recently announced it has become part of the worldwide office network CORFAC International. Thu, 11 May 2017 11:22:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170511/NJBIZ01/170519959&source=RSS