NJBIZ - Manufacturing http://www.njbiz.com/section/manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing en-us Copyright 2014 NJBIZ Sun, 21 Dec 2014 06:21:21 EST Sun, 21 Dec 2014 06:21:21 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141219/NJBIZ01/141219725&source=RSS Saddle Brook food distributor acquired by Atlanta firm La Cena Fine Foods Ltd. , a Saddle Brook distributor of Caribbean food, has been sold to an Atlanta marketer of specialty foods. Fri, 19 Dec 2014 12:51:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141219/NJBIZ01/141219725&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141219/NJBIZ01/141219729&source=RSS Two buildings in the Brunswicks acquired by Principal Real Estate Investors Principal Real Estate Investors has acquired two industrial buildings, one in North Brunswick and the other in New Brunswick, according to Cushman Wakefield. Fri, 19 Dec 2014 11:13:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141219/NJBIZ01/141219729&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141218/NJBIZ01/141219752&source=RSS Craft brewing company opens headquarters in Little Ferry A craft brewer has established a new headquarters at a Meadowlands industrial property owned and managed by Alfred Sanzari Enterprises, the Hackensack-based real estate firm said Thursday. Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:27:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141218/NJBIZ01/141219752&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141218/NJBIZ01/141219754&source=RSS Manufacturers group blasts 'Buy American' bill as bad for U.S. business The Association of Equipment Manufacturers &#8212 a national trade association for more than 900 manufacturers of equipment for industries such as agriculture, construction, mining and utilities &#8212 released a statement Thursday against the approval of Senate Bill 1811, currently before New Jersey Legislature. Thu, 18 Dec 2014 14:21:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141218/NJBIZ01/141219754&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141218/NJBIZ01/141219763&source=RSS S. Jersey manufacturers see growth ahead, but health care costs remain a concern Manufacturing activity continues to grow, and firms remain optimistic for the next six months, according to December's monthly Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, which includes southern New Jersey. Thu, 18 Dec 2014 12:44:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141218/NJBIZ01/141219763&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141217/NJBIZ01/141219781&source=RSS Alex Brands acquires Shrinky Dinks toy line Fairfield-based toy company Alex Brands announced Wednesday that it has acquired the Shrinky Dinks line of products. Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:07:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141217/NJBIZ01/141219781&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141217/NJBIZ01/141219793&source=RSS Fair Lawn logistics IT firm appoints seasoned tech executive as CTO UltraShipTMS, a Fair Lawn-based software-as-a-service solutions provider, announced Wednesday that Michael Sadowski has been named chief technology officer. Wed, 17 Dec 2014 10:39:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141217/NJBIZ01/141219793&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141217/NJBIZ01/141219795&source=RSS I.D. Systems receives follow-on Nestle contract for its VMS services Woodcliff Lake-based I. D. Systems Inc. announced Wednesday it has received a contract from Nestle, the food producer, to deploy I. D. Systems&#8217 wireless PowerFleet Vehicle Management System across Nestle&#8217s North American operations. Wed, 17 Dec 2014 10:33:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141217/NJBIZ01/141219795&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141216/NJBIZ01/141219813&source=RSS Updated Is Mercedes planning to leave New Jersey? Mercedes-Benz U. S. A. &#8212 whose headquarters currently occupies about 141,000 square feet on about 37 acres in Montvale &#8212 may be considering relocating to the Southeast. Tue, 16 Dec 2014 14:25:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141216/NJBIZ01/141219813&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141216/NJBIZ01/141219968&source=RSS NJBIZ presents the 24 Lists of Christmas, Day 16 Top Manufacturing Companies You know it we know it NJBIZ's weekly lists are worth the cost of your subscription. To celebrate our upcoming year-ending Book of Lists, we're commemorating the season with our 24 Lists of Christmas. Each day through Dec. 24, we'll email you the top five leaders in a different category, giving you a sneak peek at what you may be missing. Wed, 10 Dec 2014 15:13:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141216/NJBIZ01/141219968&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141216/NJBIZ01/141219832&source=RSS Westwood lighting products maker warns about 102 jobs A Westwood lighting products manufacturer has issued a WARN Notice indicating that 102 jobs would be affected as of Feb. 9, 2015. Tue, 16 Dec 2014 09:51:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141216/NJBIZ01/141219832&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141215/NJBIZ01/141219844&source=RSS Packaging company opens U.S. headquarters in Hamilton Romaco North America, a subsidiary of packaging technologies company Romaco Group, officially opened its first U. S. headquarters in Hamilton earlier this month. Mon, 15 Dec 2014 16:17:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141215/NJBIZ01/141219844&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141215/NJBIZ01/141219850&source=RSS Monmouth REIT acquires Jim Beam-leased building in Kentucky Freehold-based Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation announced Monday that it has acquired a Jim Beam Brands Co. -leased industrial building for 28 million. Mon, 15 Dec 2014 14:14:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141215/NJBIZ01/141219850&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141215/NJBIZ01/141219859&source=RSS Cushman Wakefield completes sale of Pepsi-leased distribution center in Kearny Cushman Wakefield announced Monday that it has completed the sale of Russo Development's 135,115-square-foot industrial property in Kearny. Mon, 15 Dec 2014 11:10:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141215/NJBIZ01/141219859&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141213/BREAKINGGLASS/141219881&source=RSS Glassworks' president says her town has 'never been hotter than it is right now' Stacey Schlosser has spent 12 years literally breaking glass. Fri, 12 Dec 2014 13:31:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141213/BREAKINGGLASS/141219881&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141212/NJBIZ01/141219886&source=RSS OSHA cites three companies over Mine Hill plant safety issues The U. S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited a French company with facilities in New Jersey, along with two staffing agencies, over explosion and chemical hazards at a Mine Hill plant. Fri, 12 Dec 2014 11:34:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141212/NJBIZ01/141219886&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219933&source=RSS Chinese trade deficit taking a toll on jobs in N.J., U.S., study says According to a study released Thursday by the Economic Policy Institute, America&#8217s rising trade deficit with China has cost the U. S. more than 3. 2 million jobs between 2001 when China joined the World Trade Organization and 2013. Thu, 11 Dec 2014 14:27:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219933&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219938&source=RSS Hillsborough packaging manufacturer acquired by Pretium Packaging Tri-Delta Plastics, a Hillsborough-based manufacture of packaging products, has been acquired by Pretium Packaging, the Chesterfield, Missouri-based supplier of custom-blown molded packaging solutions announced Thursday. Thu, 11 Dec 2014 12:15:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219938&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219946&source=RSS I.D. Systems to roll out trailer fleet management system for global furniture manufacturer Woodcliff Lake-based I. D. Systems&#8217 Asset Intelligence subsidiary announced Thursday that it has executed a contract with a global furniture manufacturer to deploy its fleet management system for approximately 2,300 trailers. Thu, 11 Dec 2014 09:57:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219946&source=RSS http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219948&source=RSS JJ Snack Foods boosts dividend Pennsauken-based JJ Snack Foods Corp. announced Wednesday that it has increased its quarterly dividend. Thu, 11 Dec 2014 09:41:00 EST http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141211/NJBIZ01/141219948&source=RSS