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PeopleProductive says frequent assessment is key to retaining millennials — and other workers

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From left are Steve Mazzarese, sales executive; Frank Wander, founder and CEO; and Jack Killion, director of strategic development, PeopleProductive.
From left are Steve Mazzarese, sales executive; Frank Wander, founder and CEO; and Jack Killion, director of strategic development, PeopleProductive. - ()

Traditionalists and baby boomers are finally listening to Generation X and the millennials on how to transform the workplace to best utilize and retain evolving talent.

Some, like Frank Wander, founder and CEO of PeopleProductive in Hillsborough, are even capitalizing on it.

“We worry about our processes, our financials, our products, our marketing — but we don’t have a way to measure, manage and motivate our people that is reliable and useful,” Wander said. “We can do so much better and get much bigger returns on talent if we would just actually take the time to understand what drives the productivity of the modern workforce.”

Wander’s technology-driven human capital management consultancy — currently manned by a seasoned and likeminded staff of 10 senior executives, published authors and recognized speakers — uses Talent-OS, its cloud-based software, and continuous workforce assessments to monitor the velocity of work for each part of an organization, based on leadership influence, working relationships, levels of fun, encouragement of thought and cultivation of passion.

Such gathering of intelligent data based on employee and management responses every three to four months helps companies manage and improve workforce productivity and performance while creating better bottom lines.

Jack Killion, direct of strategic development, and Steve Mazzarese, sales executive, also believe it’s a necessity for companies who have too often — through one too many generations of employees — refused to change their ways.

“You have to make your place of work so great that people don’t want to leave it,” Killion said. “It now has to be part of (your employees’) lifestyle.”

The ability for people to connect and work with anyone, anywhere, at any time has statistically been proven effective, but Killion laments the fact that the concepts Wander and PeopleProductive are trying to instill within organizations are still not being taught within educational institutions.

“Millennials, especially, will not stay at places that do not foster that kind of culture,” he said. 

Mazzarese believes even generations prior should feel the same way.

“Years ago, people used to enjoy going to work. Today, they endure because they have to,” he said. “People will go through various jobs and three or four career changes in order to be happy — that’s just the way it is today. … You are going to be working for a good portion of your life. Do you want to call it work or do you want to call it your passion? We want companies to understand and build this into their workforce. Employees need to want to promote their companies and what they do. If people grow, so will the business.

“We are helping companies to flourish by energizing and unlocking the full potential of their people.”

Killion believes PeopleProductive will play a major part in the way corporations change the ways they do business over the next couple of years.

“The solution that Frank is bringing to the economy is really going to knock down all the silos that are making these organizations of all types totally rigid — universities, law firms, accounting firms, etc.,” he said. “And, if you want to be successful, you need to do this for the lifespan of the company.”

“I once had a boss that said, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,’” Mazzarese said. “That’s really what this is all about — measuring the human factors within organizations to create better places to work.”

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