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Power 50: Others receiving votes

As regular readers know, NJBIZ puts this list together after meeting with key players in the industry. Not everyone mentioned can make the Top 50, so we thought we'd give you a few notes and quotes about people in the industry that some felt were worthy of recognition.

In alphabetical order:

Lawrence Bijou
Bijou Properties

“In Hoboken, (he has) already built a bunch. He’s a quiet guy, but he’s doing some big stuff.”

Jon Cortel
L+M Development Partners

“For a New York company, they are playing a very large role in Newark.”

Frank Ferruggia
McCarter & English

“The one guy everybody uses but doesn’t talk about … he’s the go-to tax guy in the state. If you’re going to do an appeal, Frank is your guy. I don’t even know why you’d chance it with anybody else.”

Caren Franzini
Franzini Consulting

“She pulled basically that whole Trenton not-for-profit off. That was basically her. And when you think about potentially redeveloping the state’s capital, that could be the kind of foundation that makes a big difference to the city.”

Chris Gaffney
Toll Bros.

“He runs Toll Brothers for the whole area. He’s doing the Bell Works project; all the homes going around Bell Labs. In my opinion, they are the one suburban builder of single-family homes who is defying all of the talk about how millennials don’t want to own anything anymore. They’re still building the McMansions out in suburbia and people are buying them.”

Frank Giantomasi
Chiesa, Shahinian & Giantomasi

“With him taking over the reins of what was formerly Wolff Samson, and with his real estate/political expertise, I think he’s going to shape that law firm into the dominant real estate law firm in the state of New Jersey.”

Carl Icahn
Carl Icahn

“He still owns Trump Plaza. And he’s rumored to have bought that old lady’s house that Trump built around.”

Deputy Mayor Marcos Vigil/ Dave Donnelly
City of Jersey City/Redevelopment Agency Executive Director

“Those would be the guys I would call if I had a problem in Jersey City. I don’t think Jersey City is going to slow down, not even a little bit.”

Joe McNamara

“You always have a union guy, but you could pick any one of five. But there’s not one that is more distinguished than others, but maybe it’s Joe McNamara because he’s on the EDA. Joe is out there. He’s talking to developers. He’s in the room a lot.”

Richard Maser
Maser Consulting

“The most prolific engineer is Maser Consulting. They have something like 15 offices. They still represent towns and they still represent developers. They are big. People go to him because he’s a player.”

Lauren Moore
Business Action Center

“An unsung person in all of this is Lauren Moore. If you take a step back and think of all the small companies, where do they go? There’s no more BEIP, so they’re stuck doing the complicated (Grow New Jersey) applications. It’s great for getting all those big splashy companies, and Lauren’s involved in that too, but how about all those other smaller companies that can’t afford to hire the Ted Zangaris and the Jay Biggins, they can go to Lauren Moore’s team and get it done at no cost. And he’s really good and he’s put together a good team.”

Jack Morris and Joe Marino
Edgewood Properties and Century 21 Construction

“Together, they own thousands of apartments. He’s not going to want the publicity, but he (Morris) is a very important cog in the wheel here in New Jersey (multifamily and retail).

Otis Rolley, Baye Adofo-Wilson
City of Newark

“Rolley is the head of Newark CEDC (Community Economic Development Corp.). He worked in Baltimore (but is a Rutgers grad and New Jersey native). Really sharp guy, he impresses. I would pair him with Baye Wilson, the new deputy mayor (for economic and housing development).”

Phil Norcross
Parker McCay

“He represents anybody who touches anything in Camden or Atlantic City.”

Billy Procida
Procida Funding & Advisors

“He’s doing a lot of deals. He closes. He’s got a second coming and he’s running around like a man without a head making deals. And he’s everywhere, up and down the state, not just North Jersey-driven.”

Prudential Real Estate Investors

“PREI is probably the most active institutional investor in New Jersey. It’s Hampshire on steroids.”

Jonathan Schwartz
BNE Real Estate

“You’re starting to see in New Jersey, amongst some of the established real estate families, the passing of the torch. … And it’s going to be a recognition, like it should be with a lot of these families, that the new generation of men and women in their mid-30s to early 40s are taking over the family organizations as they should.”

Bo Farkas and Brian Milberg
Sitex Group

“They’re getting their share. They’re pretty tough competition. We compete for sites with them. When you don’t win them all, you say, ‘Who got them?’”

Deb Tantleff
Tantum Real Estate

“I think she is the epitome, in a very positive way, of the new energetic entrepreneur in the state. I think she’s evolving into one of the most prominent women developers in New Jersey.”

Marshall Tycher
Roseland Property Trust

“It’s now an independent entity of Mack-Cali. He’s exclusively responsible for administering and expanding their multifamily footprint here in New Jersey. He has been one of the dominant players in New Jersey real estate for several decades and has never made it onto your list.”

Rebecca Truelove
Ernst and Young

“They’ve been doing a lot of work on the Journal Square projects that the Kushners are building and she’s right in the middle of it.”

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