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The impact of the partnership: How it will affect doctors, providers and patients

Hackensack University Health Network CEO Robert C. Garrett and Summit Health Management CEO Jeff LeBenger discuss how their partnership will impact other areas of the health care industry:

Garrett: “If you’re a physician practitioner out there and you are considering your options, why wouldn’t you want to affiliate with the Hackensack University Health Network for what we are known for in terms of quality and where we are going in terms of academics and research? And why wouldn’t you want to affiliate with Summit, which has a proven track record of managing physicians so well and getting great outcomes for those doctors? This gives those practitioners the best of both worlds. They can come into a partnership that brings the best of what they are looking for.”

LeBenger: “There’s consolidation in the market and physicians have options: You can stay by yourself, you can go to a hospital where you feel there’s security but there may be mistrust or you can go with a large group that is physician-owned and physician-run. So there is security of being with a hospital but knowing you are being managed by a physician-run organization that understands a physician’s psyche — that’s where we feel this will have the biggest impact.”

Garrett: “I think the insurance companies are going to welcome this. I think we’ll get feedback from all the sectors, but I think this model — particularly as they get into the risk-sharing model — I think they will be very welcoming to see how they fit in.”

LeBenger: “I think the payers are going to see this as a huge benefit for them because hopefully we’ll be able to manage that patient much better with higher-quality metrics at a lower cost.”

Hospital systems
Garrett: “Systems have been becoming so diverse, when you can get a management company that is so focused on looking at a network and looking at those networks, it can be amazingly beneficial.”

LeBenger: “I think other systems may be fearful of it at first, but they will embrace it because they will see it only adds a greater comfort level to a system knowing that there are management services out there that might be able to manage their provider network to a better metric than has been happening.”

Garrett: “Coordination of care is so very important now. That’s where a partnership between Summit and Hackensack can really help to coordinate care to integrate our health care system. I think it will have a profound impact, not just on the providers and doctors, but actually the patients will feel it, too.”

LeBenger: “When you create a provider network, you are creating a care management system that will navigate that patient through the health care experience much better. … You can really improve the quality of care of that patient while lowering the cost. It’s all about the care management of those patients.”

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