John Waldorf said:
This bill is an utter capitulation to the NJ Bar Association and I would not even label it as a alimony reform bill, more appropriately it might be labeled as the "alimony status quo" bill. The Legislators “hood winked “the citizens of New Jersey, through intimidation and extortion tactics. The attorney legislators on the Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees should recuse themselves from voting on any matters dealing with alimony as they have a clear conflict of interest as members of the Private NJ Bar Association. Bottom line is they practice family law and make money from that practice. By keeping the laws status quo, antiquated and complicated they benefit tremendously financially. Let’s not kid ourselves Governor Christie most Family Law attorneys are in purely for the money not the public good nor for what is in the best interest of their clients and their families. And to make matters worse the Administrative Office of the Courts just panders to the Bar Association and mirrors testimony from the Bar Association. Contrary to legislator perception lawyers do not offer unbiased information when testifying before the Judiciary Committee when it comes to issues dealing with alimony and family law. The attorneys do not know what is best in Family Law. A commission must be established which is primarily comprised of concerned citizens not attorneys whose primary concern is the money they engorge themselves from the practice of family law. The NJ Bar Association is not a branch of government, but just a professional association whose sole purpose is to maximize the income received through the practice of law. This association does not act for the best interest of the Citizens of New Jersey. Governor Christie please for the sake of the citizens and our children DO NOT SIGN THIS BILL, VETO THIS BILL.