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The state's chief economist, Charles Steindel, said since March, "private payrolls have grown at a rate nearly equal to the rapid pace seen in the early months of 2012 and 2013. What kind of jobs Most jobs added were in

Bus Svc or fancy name for part time/temp jobs. NJ is number 10 States Where It’s Hardest to Find Full-Time Work

New Jersey
> Underemployment rate: 14.2%
> Unemployment rate: 6.4% (19th highest)
> GDP growth 2012-2013: 2.7% (14th lowest)
> Labor force growth 2007-2014: 1.0% (20th lowest)
While New Jersey’s relatively slow recovery from the 2008 global financial crisis has picked up recently, home prices have yet to return to pre-crisis levels. In 2013, average home prices were still down nearly 30% from 2007, among the larger declines in the nation. The state’s job market has not fared much better in recent years. Average weekly wages were nearly 1% lower this year than they were in 2013, and the labor force has remained stagnant since 2008. There may be hope for New Jersey, however, as the unemployment rate has declined over the past several years, falling to 6.4% in June from a peak of 9.7% in 2012. State officials have also made attempts to improve the situation. Governor Christie has introduced $1.95 billion in tax incentives over the past several years.