Bernadette said:
Mr. Pashman,

as a widow who had the unfortunate experience to have a will probated in NJ, it is my opinion that more people would best be served not to use a will, but to make other arrangements to avoid probate in NJ entirely.

Judges do not have the time to read wills, and I daresay there is the presumption that they/law clerks know what is in them. If the will says there is to be "no contest", and the Judge allows contest, who prevails ? Certainly not the surviving beneficiaries, faced with legal fees and more grief from the process.

Then there is the matter of the Court's presumption that if a will copy is presented for probate, and the witnesses to the will are presented, the Court still presumes that the decedent "destroyed" the original will. Many people lose/misplace original documents, but to have the Court "know" that the decedent destroyed only the original but not the copies, and that the decedent didn't bother to inform the witnesses of that "fact", is basis enough not to rely only on a will.

Then there is the issue of the surviving corporate/company shareholders, who oppress the beneficiary minority shareholder. If the decedent wanted his/her shares to benefit the majority shareholders, why leave those shares to others ? See Radiac Research Corporation v. Bernadette....

Thank you anyway, Mr. Pashman