George Lobman said:
There is no easy answer! The budget is passed and not what the Democratic party wanted. The incline in taxation must stop in the United States and the State of NJ at the bottom of the barrel tax wise has take the lead and stood fast. This Governor stated he would not tax more and he has stuck with it. I for one believe that we need a new gas tax, being the lowest gas tax state in the country with a huge need for more transportation funds. In for a dime in for a dollar, we are going to have to cut costs and also cut some business taxes in order to get the growth we need here in Jersey! You can never tax enough to get to a productive and budget because every time a new tax comes up the Dems jump on it. Someone needs to hold the line even if it is not that attractive. Christie ran on no tax increase and he is the first Governor in 30 years who did exactly what he said he would. The Pension system needs to be overhauled and modernized. It cannot exist as it has since the number of employees on it are many times more, the salaries are very much higher than years past, the Civil Service rules allow for large payments of Unused sick yet there is no fund which accumulates this amount it is off the top. And we all know that medical coverage for life are going to be a thing of the past. The system is to big and the costs are too high and above all else changes need to be made so that a new system can be there when the young employees need theirs.