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It’s not the time on social media, it’s how you use it

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We know that better social media campaigns automatically mean bigger and better business — but did you know that companies can make even more money by studying the way genders view and use social media sites?

According to these infographics (Click here and here) provided by The Cultureist, there are some significant differences in the way men and women use various social media sites to make purchases and share and gain information.

For instance, men are more likely to use social media for business than women, 27 percent to 22 percent.

Also, rather surprisingly, 38 percent of women play games on their mobile devices, versus 28 percent of men.

Perhaps we should start trading in some “Candy Crush” time to research how we can more effectively leverage our businesses online through various social media websites.

We might learn how various types of advertisements resonate differently between men and women — both genders positively view advertisements that present value, endorsements or celebrity affiliations, but men prefer ads that include sports, action or sexual themes while women prefer ads that include relationships, real-life scenarios, pets and kids.

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And if the goal is not only to increase an audience but also get them to make purchases, it would be wise to learn that men prefer quick access to deals or information, while women prefer a social media encounter with brands.

While 56 percent of men are more likely to scan coupons or QR codes, versus 39 percent of women, an overwhelming 71 percent of women will follow a brand online for deals, compared with only 18 percent of men.

Businesses can really cash in on the fact that women are dominating visual-type social websites, including Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, and use the No. 1 social site, Facebook, more often than men.

More than 75 percent of women use Facebook, versus 66 percent of men. Interestingly enough, 58 percent of those women use Facebook as their primary news source, 35 percent are learning about ways to help others and 29 percent are receiving support from people in their network.

And in the fastest growing segments of social media, 33 percent of women use the $77 billion site Pinterest versus 8 percent of men; 54 percent of women use the $1 billion site Tumblr versus 46 percent of men; and 20 percent of women use the $5 billion app Instagram versus 15 percent of men.

However, there is one site that women can be better about keeping up with — LinkedIn. Only 19 percent of women use this site versus 24 percent of men.

LinkedIn is the one of the best social media sites available to promote one’s business, and is a great resource in which to connect, network and even hire.

So, take this opportunity to update your LinkedIn page, both personal and professional, to make sure we’re taking as much advantage of this site as men are!


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