Joe Griffies said:
I agree with Dr. Macchiavelli 100%. Our Veterans have been traveling for many years, thousands of miles from home to preserve the freedom that we take for granted back here in this country. Veterans do not mind traveling far to keep our country safe. Veterans are the only people in our country who have to travel very long distances to get the medical care that they require and that they earned. This has been going on too long and ignored by too many. Our hospitals all over the country, on a daily basis, refer to themselves as community hospitals. We will never be true community hospitals until our Veterans are invited in to get the proper health care that they deserve. Our physicians and our hospitals take an oath to serve all our people - this should include our Veterans. When are we going to stand up and say "Enough is Enough!" How dare we fly American Flags outside our hospitals in this country and not fight to allow our Veterans inside for proper health care! Joe Griffies, Vietnam Veteran - Host of The Welcome Home Show (WIBG 1020 AM / 101.3 FM - Ocean City,NJ)