George Lobman said:
It is always a very difficult decision to make when people's income, taxes, pensions or medical protection comes to the plate. The Governor nor anyone else is going to be able to make things better without very drastic changes in all areas of Government employment. As a retired Government Engineer I understand both sides of the problem. I worked for 34 years in State Government and earned every benefit I have been granted. It was part of my employment contract and the State has lived up to the commitment. The problem now is the cost of things necessary to live. The hourly costs are all up, the cost of medical coverage's are all up and the cost of pensions are the only stable leg of this bench. However there are far more people working in government and with all the increases it is no longer possible to offer the benefits to employees as done in my early years. You must cut, modify or change the benefits to allow the budget to be balanced as is the law in NJ. Things need to change or the current retirees will be the big looser and the current workers will have no benefits at all. This Governor has tried to make some changes and in fact has negotiated the changes with Representative Sweeney and been successful. But Government operates on public opinion and Union influences and the harder the fight the more we will lose. Hopefully common sense will overtake the barricades and changes will take place that don't kill the entire process!