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Three quick tips for your business to survive in New Jersey (or in general)

Johnathan  Grzybowski, marketing director, shares his thoughts on how to make a business survive in New Jersey (or in general).
Johnathan Grzybowski, marketing director, shares his thoughts on how to make a business survive in New Jersey (or in general). - ()

We can make the jokes that New Jersey is the arm pit of the United States and how we don't pump our own gas but at the end of it all if you're a New Jersey business, you're a blue collar hard working individual no matter what part of “Jerzey” you're from. Here are three tips to survive in business in our great state:

1. Adapt

Being able to adapt to what life throws at you is an extremely important quality to survive in business. Too often do business men and woman focus their heart and soul on one specific topic that isn’t making them money today! Don’t sweat the small stuff, if something isn’t working. Reflect. It may not come to you immediately but the longer you work, your brain will naturally implement a plan to succeed.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Too often do business owners create a new idea or marketing campaign and hit the ground running. For example: everyone knows that social media is critical in a 2014 world. They post heavily and see a lot of great results but the minute they stop seeing results they leave. The problem is that most fall short right before they were about to strike gold. Just because something doesn’t work right away doesn’t mean it won’t flourish. Stay focused and be consistent. 

3. Smile

Life is never that bad. As you read this, take some time today to think about how you got here and smile because if the hard work you put yourself through to get there. Maintain a positive mental attitude and by doing so the people around you will become that too. Also you never know, a client that once said no may be awaiting for you.

You can use these three tips no matter where you’re doing business. Think about how you can use these tips immediately!

Written by: Johnathan Grzybowski, marketing director
Partial-owner, Dino Enterprise. Social Media Expert. Author. Entrepreneur. Philadelphia Native. Best In The World!

Connect with me on social @grzybowskij and also our website: DinoEnterprise.com



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