mrdirt said:
The only "recovery" being experienced in America is the one that is happening on Wall Street, in boardrooms in Silicon Valley and in the halls of power in Washington.
In the rest of the country, retail stores are closing at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, 20 percent of all families do not have a single member that is employed and 49 million Americans are dealing with food insecurity.
There is no way that we are ever going to have a broad-based economic recovery in this nation if we continue to destroy small businesses. They are the lifeblood of any economy and they are the primary engine of job creation.
Only reason UE in NJ Declined was because the Labor Participation Rate declined, if it weren't for people supposedly dropping out of workforce UE 3 in NJ would be 9% or higher.
Now will Companies be optimistic on Jan 1, 2015 when the Employer Mandate ( which has been delayed for 1 yr because of mid-term elections) and how many will cut hours?
And even though nearly half of recent grads are making less than $25,000, more than 82% of this year's grads expect to make more than that, according to the survey of more than 2,000 recent and soon-to-be grads.
In reality, they're facing a tough job market where they're joining a backlog of recent grads that are struggling to find jobs. The number of grads, ages 21-24, who aren't working and aren't in school is growing. And those lucky enough to find employment are starting at jobs with wages lower than the generation before them.
More recent grads said they are underemployed, or working at a job that does not require a college degree, than last year, according to Accenture's survey. And only 46% of those surveyed who graduated in the past two years are employed full time, down from 68% of the recent grads surveyed last year.