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Consumer group alleges 'reckless conduct' on part of Johnson & Johnson

SOURCE: The Star-Ledger

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Consumer group alleges 'reckless conduct' on part of Johnson & Johnson (via

A consumer advocacy group today requested that the U.S. Senate investigate Johnson & Johnson for what it called “a pattern of reckless conduct,” one month after calling on the Department of Justice to review whether the health care giant knowingly…


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Nonie Wideman said:
you need to investigate the quashing of research ready to be published linking breast cancer to implant materials and leaching degradation problems .... it seems somebody does not want the research to be shared in this time with lawsuits on the rise .... dirty tactic to with hold truth if these rumors are true....just a tip for an ambitious reporter

April 28, 2014 12:19 pm

Meshed Up Mess said:
Women have suffered severe injuries and some (many actually) have even died as a result of having this "minimally invasive device" implanted in their bodies. The corporate administrators have known this for some time now.

The general consensus, as it pertains to both bladder and hernia mesh devices is that none of us were ever told of the complications that could arise as a result of using these devices. Our doctors never told us that mesh devices can:

• Grate away tissues, allowing the device to become exposed in the vaginal vault;
• Cause extreme debilitating pain, regardless of where the mesh is placed;
• Migration and embedment of the device in other places;
• Adherence to bladder, bowels and/or nerves and muscles;
. Toxicity as the device begins to break down;
• Hair loss;
. Asthma;
• Bronchial problems;
• Swelling of upper and lower extremities;
. Hip pain;
. Lower back pain;
. The need for multiple surgeries to get this crap out of our bodies
. Could possibly cause Auto Immune Diseases such as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Myocardia

These complications do not only affect us, but our spouses and other family members as well. The cost (physical, emotional and financial) of having surgical mesh implanted is just too high.

Five of the 17 Johnson and Johnson devices I have researched either directly or indirectly used the ProteGen Sling as a predicate device. The predicate device that they have used or are technically still using was recalled by its own manufacturer on 3/17/1999, and the reason Boston Scientific said they were voluntarily recalling their device was, and I quote: "Use of the ProteGen in the treatment of female urinary incontinence is associated with a higher than expected rate of vaginal erosion and dehiscence, and does not appear to function as intended.”

We have been trying to get the word out for at least 6 years that I know of. Corporate Action Network gave us, the 30,000+ women who currently have lawsuits filed a means in which to get our voices heard, and women who have not yet had this barbaric procedure done an avenue to gain knowledge about what these mesh devices can do to one’s body!

We want accountability! We would give ANYTHING just to have our lives back!

April 28, 2014 12:15 pm

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