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Star-Ledger announces 167 layoffs, including 40 newsroom jobs


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The Star-Ledger, New Jersey's largest daily newspaper, announced Thursday that it was cutting 167 positions, including 40 jobs in the newsroom.

The move comes roughly a week after parent company Advance Publications unveiled a plan to create a new media company through the consolidation of services offered by the Newark-based paper and other Advance-owned daily and weekly newspapers across the state including the South Jersey Times, Times of Trenton, Hunterdon County Democrat and Express-Times of Easton, Pa.

Tuesday's layoffs were "not unexpected," according to the Star-Ledger story announcing the cuts. The layoffs account for 25 percent of what was once a 350-member strong Star-Ledger newsroom.

According to the Star-Ledger's story, the paper was expected to lose $19 million this year.

Aside from the Star-Ledger, an undisclosed number of positions across Advance's New Jersey newspapers and their online home,, will also be cut.

NJ Advance Media, the new company to be formed through consolidation, will open in September in Woodbridge. The Star-Ledger and other Advance-owned daily newspapers will continue to publish daily and will keep a smaller number of newsroom employees.

According to the Star-Ledger, some employees will receive offers to join NJ Advance Media but possibly at the risk of accepting a lower-paying job with a different title.


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Andrew George

Andrew George

Andrew George covers the Statehouse from NJBIZ's Trenton bureau. Born and raised in N.J., Andrew has also spent time as a reporter in D.C., Texas and Pa. His email is and he is @AndrGeorge on Twitter.



Tom Carroll said:
Great, another leftwing rag biting the dust! Just maybe they will learn that their opinions are NOT the news.

April 3, 2014 3:33 pm

Charlie Kamps said:
This is rather sad news to hear as the Ledger has done a fine job of reporting on New Jersey news for decades. I suspect with further consolidations the newspaper will become like the evening news where everyone reports the same thing with the same headlines with the same lack of feeling.

It seems that nearly every week one hears about another newspaper in trouble. Online news has taken over just like texting has replaced conversation. Did you ever end up in a waiting room where everyone is staring at their phones and nobody痴 talking? Somewhat crazy, no?

My experience with online news has turned around and I知 pack to news in print. I have read the Wall Street Journal for years and some time ago I figured I壇 skip the actual paper and read the news online with the thought being that it would be accessible from anywhere and a few papers not printed would be eco-friendly.

It worked, but it was missing so much of the real thing. Three weeks ago I renewed my subscription and each morning I知 turning pages. What a great experience. I can scan a page in a nano-second and pick the articles I want to read. When I find one that catches my attention there are no pop-up ads to interfere with my train of thought. More significant and unlike the current trend in online news is that I do not have to watch a 20 second commercial just to read an article. These digital print wizards must think I知 a moron to watch the same ad being displayed over and over again as I click on each article.

Advertisements play a role in news no matter what the vehicle and with a real paper I can pick and choose which ads I read. Some catch my eye and I read them. Others I don稚 even see.

I知 back. I知 a print reader. The only issue is my trying to get the dog to fetch the paper each morning and I have little hope that such a dream will come to fruition. So like Tony Soprano I値l get some exercise and walk down the driveway.

To all you guys and gals in the newsroom I wish you good luck and maybe the number crunchers will realize that they have a good thing and that they just need to sell it differently.

April 3, 2014 3:23 pm

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