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#2 George E. Norcross III

Cooper Health System and Cooper University Hospital, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

He's the only person to make our power lists for real estate and health care (so of course he's on the overall Power 100, too) — and the only dispute about is where in the top five he belongs.

For all his interests (insurance, media, nonprofits and health care), one insider argues health care is the most important. "I loathe to think about what Cooper (Health System) would look like without George Norcross," the insider said.

Cooper's recent purchase of a 20 percent stake in AmeriHealth made another insider note how he is out in front of a trend of hospitals becoming insurance companies.

For Norcross, it's just part of the game. "I call him the shadow governor," one insider said with a tone of respect. "Whether it's health care or commerce or politics, he's a bit of an emperor."

George E. Norcross III

Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Cooper Health System and Cooper University Hospital

Ranked: 2
Last Year's Rank: 5

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