George Lobman said:
It is easy to see the results of political attacks and in this case the primary reason is even easier to understand. A stand alone guy coming up head to head with Mrs. Clinton and actually beating her in Polls! that is reason for all out war in the Democratic Party. Not one piece of evidence against Christie and every paper runs day after day horror stories about a traffic jam. And then a Democratic Mayor who is being sued for exactly the same thing charges the Christie administration with threatening her with Sandy money! After receiving more than what was asked for prior to anyone else getting a dime. Politics make funney bedfellows. Nothing will deter a Democrat in search of an office and couple that with the first potential women President OMG. These articles on Christie's polls will soon turn around and the truth will start to appear. Christie is not a smooth operator. In fact he is downright impolite at times. But he is a man of his word! and has not disappointed me yet! He has done everything he said he would do in spite of or better said together with, Democratic Senate and Assembly. If it were up to me I hope we never see a Clinton back in that office! but between the two I'd take Bill back he seems to be the least dangerous. She doesn't want to wake up for that 3 AM call from Bengazi or anywhere else!