Allison Hofmann

QualCare Inc., Vice President, Client Services & Vice President, Marketing

Allison Hofmann
Allison Hofmann
Best 50 Women in Business

Education: Bachelor’s degree in public health, Rutgers University School of Public Health

Job responsibility: Executive

Company description: Managed care organization

Primary professional/community affiliations: Brain Tumor Support Groups; Caucus: New Jersey

Last book: “What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self,” by Ellyn Spragins

When is it appropriate to text in business? I take the client’s lead. But for the majority of business communications, I think it’s too informal.

What is your go-to stress buster at work? It used to be Peanut M&M’s. Loved them! Now I’m trying healthier approaches. I’ll look at a funny picture from a great vacation, or just get out of my office for a few minutes and walk around the complex. It gets me focused and centered. I really miss the M&M’s, though.

What do you wish someone had told you earlier in your career? Not to take things so personally, and not to accept ‘No’ so easily. I have learned that as long as I feel I have done my absolute best, if a decision does not go my way, I don’t take it personally. It’s business.

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Allison Hofmann

Vice President, Client Services & Vice President, Marketing
QualCare Inc.
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