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Breaking Glass

New labor report shows men in N.J. continue to outearn women


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Women in New Jersey earned 79.4 percent of men in the state in 2012, a new report shows.
Women in New Jersey earned 79.4 percent of men in the state in 2012, a new report shows. - (Thinkstock)

In 2012, women in New Jersey pulled in, on average, just 79.4 percent of what their male counterparts earned, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And that was down four percent from the year before, said the bureau's chief regional economist, Martin Kohli.

The report looked at weekly earnings for women and men across the country in 2012. It found that women in New Jersey had median weekly earnings of $818. At the same time, men in the state made $1,030 per week.

Now, $818 is still a lot of money, compared to the rest of the country. Only five states logged weekly earnings among women at more than $800 — all of which are along the East Coast. It seems Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., employers also like to pay women well.

But in terms of what women make compared to men, New Jersey falls below the national average, with women in the U.S. overall making about 80.9 percent of their male counterparts in 2012.

And what may be even more disturbing: The ratio of women's earnings to that of men had been on the increase in New Jersey since about 2004, when the ratio hit a low of 73.4 percent. But from 2010 to 2012, that trend has started to reverse, from a high around 85 percent to this year's 79.4 percent.

Let's hope this is a number that will start to turnaround — and quickly.

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