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Meet the robotic personal assistant born in New Jersey

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The faces of Budgee, the Wall-born robot that carries your stuff.
The faces of Budgee, the Wall-born robot that carries your stuff. - ()

Perhaps the most odd business story in recent years is the rise of Kickstarter, and with it the ability for very small companies to dream very big dreams, and for their would-be customers to help them get to market.

Or, maybe I'm making the connection between Kickstarter and odd business stories just so I can write about a robot. But can you blame me?

Wall-based Five Elements Robotics recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its Budgee product, an environmentally aware robot which can follow you around and carry up to 50 pounds of your stuff.

While I suspect some people would be embarrassed to be seen being followed by a loyal robot, I would have no such problem. And in all seriousness, there are many people whose strength, range of motion or other physical limitations would make Budgee a welcome ticket to enhanced independence.

The company is hoping to raise $100,000 by the end of January, with a minimum donation of just $1. You'll need to fork over at least $1,299 to get a Budgee of your own, though.

Whether you want or can afford a Budgee, it's really cool to see such innovation springing from a small startup in our fine state.

Check out the video below, explaining what Budgee is and how it works.

VIDEO: Introducing Budgee

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