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Kevin Bush, President - Source4Teachers

If school districts are your customers, you better do your homework.

Schools today face intense pressure to tamp down spending while ensuring a high-quality education for their students. It's a challenging test, made easier by Source4Teachers, which has studied its market well. The company works with school districts to find and manage substitute teachers. Founded in South Jersey, it has expanded throughout the Garden State and into Pennsylvania. The company fills more than 3,500 daily and long-term vacancies every day.

The company is staffed with expert professionals in human resources, information technology, finance and client services. They help school districts cut both costs and red tape. Source4Teachers, for example, has systems in place to manage the strict reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Schools must keep closer track of the hours worked by substitutes, in case they become eligible for health insurance.

The firm's knowledge of education is not based solely on textbooks. Its leaders include former school board members, business administrators and superintendents, making them sensitive to the bigger picture facing their clients. After Superstorm Sandy, for example, Source4Teachers let substitutes know where to go—and where not to go, in cases where schools remained closed or openings were delayed.

Building on its success, Source4Teachers created a subsidiary in 2009, MissionOne, which fills permanent positions for noninstructional staff and support personnel.

While its main business is finding teachers and helping schools, Source4Teachers also has an eye out for students.

Recently, company employees contributed to a backpack drive sponsored by Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center to benefit students in Camden city schools. Over the summer, meanwhile, company officials helped raise more than $50,000 to fund scholarships for promising Camden students.

And in the spring, a team of 70 employees took part in the annual Kidsbridge Walk2Stop Bullying, which was co-sponsored by Source4Teachers.

Year Founded: 2000

No. of Employees: 7,500

Annual Revenue: $85 million

Products/Services: Educational management solutions.

Mission/Value Statement: "We recruit, train and manage qualified substitute personnel to help school districts refocus their resources, time and capital so they can concentrate on their core objective: providing quality education for students."


Kevin Bush
Cherry Hill, Camden County

Business of the Year, 101+ Employees

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