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The guy who sold his last name for $45,500 is doing it again

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Jason Headsetsdotcom is taking bids on what his next last name will be.
Jason Headsetsdotcom is taking bids on what his next last name will be. - ()

Bet you thought I'd go with a totally predictable Shakespeare reference here. Nope.

Anyway, Jason Sadler changed his name to Jason Headsetsdotcom in 2012 after auctioning his last name to a headphones company for $45,500. And now he's at it again.

There isn't a whole lot to say about this one, I just had to flag it for SFW readers because Sadler, or Headsetsdotcom, has been successful with his unusual approaches to business.

He's been paid to wear t-shirts by company's interested in unique marketing and, according to a press release, has more than 9 million view on YouTube.

You can try outbidding the current top-bidder at BuyMyLastName.com, who would change Jason's last name to "Skedadel" for a cool $20,000.

Really? $20,000 on the line and the best you can do is Skedadel?


Anyway, whether you think Jason is crazy or a genius, he knows the value of a unique approach, especially in marketing. That can make the difference, especially for a smaller company, between getting noticed among your competitors or being lost in the noise.

Oh and for the record, the bidding to change my own last name starts at $10,000.

Just come up with something better than Skedadel.

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