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Breaking Glass

Confessions of guilt from a working mom

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My son, Max, making his Breaking Glass debut in his monkey costume.
My son, Max, making his Breaking Glass debut in his monkey costume.

So this time around, that working mom is me. I prefer to write about other women for this blog since I'm always so inspired by them, but I'm writing a little bit about my own life today because I'm fishing for a little working mom advice — not only for myself but also to pass along to everyone else out there who could use a little help in the daily juggle.

Work has been incredibly busy lately, in a very good way. I've been writing stories on subjects I find really interesting and networking with fascinating people. But with the exception of Halloween — when I did manage to catch my son Max dressed up as a monkey in his day care's Halloween parade — I got home late every night.

Part of that was attending events and trying desperately to hit deadlines, but I also really like the people I work with. So some of those days, I got caught up in conversations at the end of the day, only to realize that I just spent 20 minutes chatting when I could have been high-tailing it home to see Max.

Add to that the mounting pile of laundry and the baby food-covered floors that got little to no attention all week long, and my guilt was officially overflowing.

Now I'm blessed with a very helpful (and handsome — in case he happens to read this post) husband, but there's only so much one person can do with a baby crawling around at lightning speed.

So when I got home right around Max's bed time yet again last night, I decided I'd solicit some advice from the other working moms of the world. How do you manage to juggle everything? Any tips or tricks that bring about balance? And how do you deal with the feelings of guilt that occasionally (or frequently, as the case may be) creep up?

You can email them to me at maryj@njbiz.com, get in touch on Twitter, or post them in the comments section, and I'll turn those responses into another, less cathartic and much more helpful post later on in the week. So please, send away!

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Write to the Editorial Department at editorial@njbiz.com

Write to the Editorial Department at editorial@njbiz.com

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