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Weekend Read: Popeyes intends to transcend its brand


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Popeyes is being reborn as a
Popeyes is being reborn as a "Louisiana Kitchen" - (AFC Enterprises)

Here's an idea: every Friday I'll try to dig up an interesting, long-form story from the collection of strange business tales I peruse to inspire SFW posts.

The first one is an article by Lydia DePillis at The Washington Post's Wonkblog, on how the Popeyes fast food brand is surviving, and thriving, by leaving its cheap image behind. If you're thinking that's probably not a very interesting story, you're wrong.

The brand's founder went bankrupt in 1992 and the company that picked up the chain, AFC Enterprises, almost suffered the same fate before it brought in some proven talent and executed the turnaround that inspired DePillis' story.

The article includes a great play-by-play of what the company did to go from the greasy chicken joint we all know it as to the "Louisiana Kitchen" it has become.

The details will only apply if you also run a chicken empire, but the broader concepts are valuable to anyone contemplating a rebrand for their product or firm.

Read: How Popeyes went upscale, by Lydia DePillis at Wonkblog

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