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Employees reveal what their employers don't want you to know

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A recent Reddit thread airs the dirty industry secrets consumers aren't supposed to know
A recent Reddit thread airs the dirty industry secrets consumers aren't supposed to know - ()

Oh Reddit, you glorious amalgamation of the wonderful, fascinating, and awful things the Internet has to offer. You let us share links with and ask questions of one another, voting the best to the top. And this time, you've surprised even this seasoned user.

Today I spotted a post on Business Insider about a Reddit thread entitled "What is a 'dirty little (or big) secret' about an industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really ought to know?"

As you can probably imagine from the title, things got interesting very fast. Now, it's worth noting that Reddit is a place for people to converse more or less anonymously, and this is a blog, so I didn't spend time fact-checking these claims for accuracy. But if even a few of them are true, it's worth a read.

In case you saw the Business Insider post as well, I've chosen a few examples that they didn't include in their write-up:

- "people that work in call centers often hit their mute buttons to tell their co-workers about the total retard on the phone." (thread)

- Referring to supermarket delis, one user said "Meat cutters accidentally drop meat on the dirty floor and still package it for sale constantly. They are told to do this by management, and it is standard practice at every meat shop I've worked at." (thread)

- "Hotels are so paranoid about getting a bad review that if you complain about anything they'll give you something free, especially if you're a member of their rewards program." (thread)

- "About half of the imported honey on the shelf is really rice syrup illegally transhipped from China through another country and relabeled as honey and the only testing the FDA has for this is effectively meaningless. " (thread)

There is much more where those came from, so to read the rest and join in on the whistleblowing / conspiracy theories / fact-checking, visit the main Reddit thread.





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