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Photo of the week: Donald Norcross

By March 08. 2013 5:00AM

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Donald Norcross found it amusing too.

Donald Norcross snaps a photo of Communications Director Alexis Degan, who was in charge of the photo umbrella. (Photo by Aaron Houston)

I wrote last month about the Mary Poppins phenomenon during NJBIZ photo shoots. To recap, NJBIZ photographer Aaron Houston uses a photo umbrella to ensure proper lighting from his flash during photo shoots. Aaron always needs someone to hold the umbrella, since he's busy holding the camera, and coworkers are asked to become Mary Poppins, as one business leader labeled it.

Aaron did a photo shoot of the state senator for our March 11 Spotlight section on Camden. Norcross was amused by his communciations director, Alexis Degan, handling the umbrella duty, and wanted to snap his own photo of her in action.

How did the photo shoot turn out? Look for the formal pictures in Spotlight on Monday. Can you guess where Norcross and Degan are in Camden? If so, you'll have an idea what the Camden Spotlight is about.

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