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And the Oscar goes to...

By February 23. 2013 7:31AM

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Who says accountants are boring? Well, I have.

It’s one reason I fled the field in the 1990s so I could become a journalist. But if I had known about WithumSmith+Brown, I might have stayed.

The accounting firm with seven New Jersey offices released its annual fun firm video recently. The accountants, reveling in some “busy season isn’t here yet” euphoria, perform for the camera by dancing, singing and even rapping. It’s the third year they’ve done a video like this, and, really, it’s a bit of marketing genius, especially in today’s social media world. You can see the 2013 video here, the bloppers outtake here and find past videos here.

While it seems to be a firm-wide effort (is there really anyone who would say, “Sorry, I need to work on some spreadsheets instead”?), the star of the video is Managing Partner and CEO Bill Hagaman. I’ve been on appointments to visit Hagaman and discuss the state of the business world in New Jersey. Hagaman knows his stuff. But it’s nice to see he can also strut his stuff.

Give Hagaman an Oscar!

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