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Photo of the Week: Playing Mary Poppins

By February 22. 2013 1:22PM

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NJBIZ newsroom employees are asked to do a range of things, including acting a bit like Mary Poppins.

Beth Fitzgerald holds the photo umbrella as Aaron Houston shoots pictures of Gary Fails, president of City Theatrical.

In this photo, reporter Beth Fitzgerald was pressed into service to hold the photo umbrella (I’m sure it has a fancier name) while NJBIZ photographer Aaron Houston shot pictures. This outtake is from the shoot for the story, pictures and video about City Theatrical.

If an NJBIZ staffer is not along for the photo shoot, Aaron will grab one of the photo subject’s coworkers to hold the umbrella. In fact, it was one of those coworkers who made the comparison to Mary Poppins.

I’ve done umbrella duty too for Aaron, and can agree with the NJBIZ reporter who said, “My arm almost fell off from holding that umbrella.”

Maybe Aaron needs to supply a spoonful of sugar to alleviate the pain.

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