Power 100 list, with lots of new faces, publishes Monday


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Expect a lot of new faces on the 2013 NJBIZ Power 100 list when it publishes Monday, Jan. 28.

There was a 50 percent turnover rate on the list, meaning half the people on last year's list came off while 50 new people were added.

Also notable was the huge turnover in the top 10 for the 2013 list. Only three people from last year's top 10 returned to the top 10 this year. The remaining seven top spots are filled with six complete newcomers to the list, and one person who was on last year's list but ranked 11 or lower.

On the other end, the bottom 20 of our list is almost completely new. In those 20 spots, we have 18 newcomers.

Why so much turnover? Well, it's not unusual for our lists, but there are also major news events happening now that influenced the 2013 list.

But I've already revealed too much! You can read all about it early Monday morning when the 2013 Power 100 list is published at NJBIZ.com and when the print edition hits your mailbox.

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