Photo of the Week: Chris Paladino

January 18. 2013 8:31AM

Devco President Chris Paladino in his office, with a dart gun. AARON HOUSTON

This photo is actually left over from last week, but, c'mon, how could I pass up this photo of Chris Paladino?

NJBIZ Chief Photographer Aaron Houston shot this picture while he was at the New Brunswick Development Corp. offices to take photographs of a different Devco employee. Paladino agreed to sit for some semi-candid shots, one of which we used for this story last week.

Lots of interesting things in that office--please note the NJBIZ 25th anniversary edition on Paladino's desk.

But it's the dart gun that steals the show.

So no matter what day you have ahead of you today, just keep this in mind: at least your boss doesn't keep a dart gun in his office.