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Each week in Face Time, NJBIZ editors approximate Chris Christie's mood and facial expressions based on the news.


Christie was at his bombastic best when he pummeled his own party, and John Boehner in particular, over the delay in approving Sandy aid legislation. Christie may eventually be the first presidential candidate who calls in a tailor to size a fleece, instead of a suit.


Princetons – WINNER

Everyone knows fat-filled doughnuts are bad for you. They're bad for your tax bills, too, as anyone living in the doughnut of Princeton Township, or the doughnut hole of Princeton Borough, could've told you. Now a single borough, they'll see savings that should encourage other towns to do the same.

Trenton – LOSER

The council considers, again, a measure to cut indicted Mayor Tony Mack's salary, because it couldn't get it done the first two times, even when realizing the mayor is Tony Mack. The city also recorded its first homicide in the first hour of 2013 in a 16-hour period in which eight people were shot.

Jeff Vanderbeek – WINNER

The former Lehman exec completes the debt refinancing for the Devils, drumming up interest despite the lack of sporting events on his arena's calendar. He also succeeded in finally buying out his partner, Brick City Hockey, ending a years-long feud.

Giants, Jets – LOSER

It had been been nearly a decade since both teams failed to make the postseason. There's a special chill for Big Blue, which went from respectable champs to utter chumps in the space of a few weeks. For Jets fans, it's just another year of watching the circus end.

Doctors – WINNER

So while we're on football, if the teams above need a punter, they might find one among the fiscal cliff deal's architects. Rather than deal with coming cuts to Medicare reimbursement rates, the deal just guarantees the money for now. You know, until the next partisan crisis.

Big East – LOSER

Hard to slap a label like "the one that got away" on a school like Boise State, but it says something about your conference when a middling program commits to joining, but is then talked into staying in the Mountain West. And it's not the first time: TCU turned the trick in 2011.

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