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Introducing State Street - The Blog

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The popular stereotype of the relationship between the private sector and the public sector is that the former would just assume the latter stay out of its business.

There's certainly some truth in that over-simplification, but the fact is the government and the business community are inextricably linked, in good ways and bad.

The state desperately needs the revenue generated by private-sector growth, and the business community eagerly awaits relief from red tape and taxes. Many of Gov. Chris Christie's biggest economic development wins have come with the help of multimillion-dollar state incentives given to businesses that choose to locate or grow in the Garden State.

The link between the public and private sectors is perhaps no more evident than in recent weeks, as the Christie administration, lawmakers and the business community have worked hand-in-hand to find ways – financial and otherwise – to get businesses back to work in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

I moved from the pharmaceuticals/energy beat to the Statehouse beat just as the lights were beginning to flicker back on after Sandy. Since then, Trenton's focus has been all Sandy, all the time, with a few sidebars for key issues such as the minimum wage and sports gaming.

As the recovery continues, the state government's re-evaluation of its oversight of utilities, insurance and shoreline development could have a potentially large effect on the business community.

In short, what happens on State Street impacts Main Street.

And starting today, what happens on State Street will be reported on this blog. Like the weekly State Street page in NJBIZ's print edition, this blog will cover the intersection of government and business with a mix of breaking news and lighter fare from the halls of the Capitol.

Suggestions, tips and comments are most welcome.

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