Health charities group making push beyond N.J.

December 19. 2012 1:55PM

By Beth Fitzgerald

The New Jersey chapter of Community Health Charities, which raises money through workplace campaigns to support charities devoted to health issues like MS and diabetes, has expanded its reach to Pennsylvania and Delaware and changed its name to Community Health Charities Northeast.

Community Health Charities Northeast Executive Director Nancy Tringali said the health charities group's expansion will provide a larger pool of companies to enlist in its workplace fundraising drives.

Executive Director Nancy Tringali, who has led the New Jersey chapter for nearly 25 years and now oversees the tristate region, said the expansion will provide CHC with a larger pool of companies to enlist in its fundraising drives at the workplace. A key focus of CHC also is providing services to companies, in addition to asking their employees to contribute to health-related charities, and the expansion will enable CHC to roll out its services to more companies.

Pennsylvania's CHC staff will help develop Delaware, which is largely an untapped market for workplace fundraising, Tringali said. CHC provides services to companies, including information about health issues and health-care related volunteer activities.

Tringali said the tristate consolidation is a more efficient use of CHC resources, and frees its staff to "spend more time in the community working with companies and employees."

Companies that join CHC get access to two Web portals: Health Matters at Work, which provides information about health and wellness, and Volunteer 365, which offers employees opportunities to volunteer in the community with health charities.

Tringali said CHC is reaching out to smaller companies to provide them these online tools. She said for a company with 250 people, "this kind of information is really valuable to them, because they don't have the staff" to provide extensive employee engagement programs. She said CHC is raising $2.5 million a year in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and the addition of Delaware should increase that to $3 million by the end of the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

The board chairman of CHC Northeast, attorney Jason L. Sobel, of Genova, Burns, Giantomasi & Webster, said "I hope we will expand tremendously in Delaware and Pennsylvania." He said CHC will look to sign up companies based in Delaware, and can develop national workplace fundraising campaigns: "It is really an untapped market for us. We can get to the heads of these companies, in their national offices, and start a nationwide campaign."

Sobel said "In New Jersey people know us, and there is just less opportunity, because we have already tapped into that market. … There are plenty of big corporations that we can tap into in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Those large companies want to be more socially engaged, and they want to give these opportunities to their employees."

William Healey, vice chair of CHC Northeast, said the new organization will be both more efficient and more strategic. "No nonprofit can operate as they did 10 years ago or even five years ago — there is a demand that we be more efficient and deliver more value."