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Donald Trump’s 50 shades of grey

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When a lot of publications hit a milestone, they race to the press with self-congratulatory anniversary editions designed to alert the world how great they are for surviving so long in an increasingly hostile economic environment.

NJBIZ, of course, is not a lot of publications, and rather than just trot out some tired crap no one but archivists will read, we came up with a group of lists of the top people and projects — and the bottom people and projects — over the last 25 years, mostly because we prefer watching the stars come out from our office windows, enjoy spending our weekends doing research and don’t really have social lives anyway.

In an unrelated development, I gave notice here earlier this month, and am in my final weeks at NJBIZ.

But anyway. There’s no such thing as black and white in real life, unless you still own a 1950s Zenith television, which made for some interesting arguments — both with and within sources as well as within my editor’s office — about where some people should go. This was true of no one quite like it was Donald Trump, who has so many shades of gray to him that I was able to come up with the titillating headline above with surprisingly little effort. Some people said he was absolute legend, others wanted him at the top of the duds list — and at least one said we should put him on both lists.

How did we decide? Click here to see what we did about The Donald.

I’m even more irreverent on Twitter @joe_arney.

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