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Waters Log

An NJBIZ employee resigned today

By December 12. 2012 12:10PM

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An office evacuation due to an earthquake in 2010 doesn't stop Joe St. Arney from working.

It’s never good when an employee walks into your office holding a piece of paper and closes the door.

Yup, that sheet of paper was a resignation letter.Managing Editor Joe St.Arney gave notice that his last day at NJBIZ will be Jan. 4 so he can become projects editor at The Real Deal. There are many reasons why this sucks, but let’s just go with four for now:

--I’ll no longer laugh out loud while editing his Winners/Losers/Face Time.

--NJBIZ Power lists won’t be half as fun anymore…to compile, or to read.

--We’ll have headlines like, “This is a story about….”

--I’ll have to write the editorials.

A real loss of the real deal.

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